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Best Part-Time Jobs For Retirees

Work after retirement? Sure! Today, it’s becoming more common than ever. In fact, according to a recent survey, almost half of Americans between the ages of 60 and 75 said they plan to work part-time after retiring from full-time work. Are you one of the growing number of Boomers looking for work? Then here’s a roundup of the best jobs for retirees to get you started!


Best Jobs For Retirees

A part-time job may be easier to find and will likely suit your retirement lifestyle a little more than 40-plus hours! But, don’t limit your possibilities too much. There are plenty of options out there that offer flexibility, stability, and a bit of socialization too!


Sure, you can get a job at your local grocery store, or even the dollar store. But, try to think outside the box on this one. What’s your favorite store? Is there a place you just love to shop? Get a job there! Think about how much fun it could be working at a sporting goods store, talking about camping and fishing all day, and getting an employee discount on rods and lures! Or, maybe you’ve been waiting for the right time to let out your inner fashionista? Try working at a shop in your local mall!


Freelance Work

Are you creative? Do you write? Maybe you’re a niche expert? Sell your talents with freelance work! Websites like can help you find part-time jobs or gigs in just about any field. And, bonus – most of it is from home!

Veterinary Assistants

Love animals? Then why not apply at a vet? A veterinary assistant feeds and bathes pets as well as performs light office work. Most places require a high school diploma and little experience to get started.


Bookkeeping is a great job for retirees who have office experience! Use what you know from your previous job to perform data entry, light accounting, and sometimes a little customer service.

School Bus Driver

A school bus driver is a flexible job for retirees! Work only a few hours every day doing something you already know how to do – drive! Each state has different requirements for bus drivers, so check with your local department of education first.


Start a Small Business Using Social Media or Commerce Sites

Do you craft? Sew? Are you an expert at alterations? Sell your expertise on a local job board or your homemade crafts on Etsy. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace are a great place to sell unique items.

Not sure where to start? Go back to school!

Continuing education is also attractive to many retirees. Many community colleges and state universities have satellite campuses that may be close to you and allow you to audit classes for free or at reduced costs. Many retirees are taking advantage of these continuing education programs for seniors.

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Originally published February 19, 2024


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