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Independent vs Assisted Living at MorningStar

Elena Cuevas, Regional VP of Sales, joins Suzanne to talk about what it’s like to live at MorningStar. They talk about independent and assisted living at MorningStar Senior Living’s SilverLake community near Everett, Washington. Learn more about MorningStar Senior Living at SilverLake at their website.

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Welcome to the answers for elders radio show. meet the trusted experts who will give you straight answers and I will help guide you on the path of later life care. Now here’s your host, founder, caregiver and CEO, Susanne Newman. And welcome back everyone, back to the answers for elders radio network with Elena quaivis from morning stars senior living and weird specifically talking about morning stars amazing brand new re grand opening Um in Silver Lake, which is near Everett, south Nahamash County. And for those of you that have been listening, Um, we’ve learned a lot about, you know, the community, about the property of which I’ve been personally on in its gorgeous, beautiful and for those of you that Um, I want to be wowed. You’ve got to just come and come for lunch and check it out, because it’s an incredible place to want to live in. And we’re gonna talk a little bit about that. But I want to talk to you. We’ve been we’re doing this big event next week and our Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Elena, I want to ask you about you have this special veterans program and you’re gonna be basically saluting veterans. So tell us a little bit about what that means. So morning, starting your living. One of the things that we do so well is that we do absolutely honor our veterans and their spouses. Um. As a way to say thank you to our veterans and their spouses for their service UM and and keeping keeping freedom alive in the United States of America, and thank God for that. Um is we offer a hundred dollars off rent for any veteran or veteran spouses. So it’s it’s an ongoing um benefit, it’s an ongoing discounts that our veterans received. It’s a hundred dollars all their monthly vs Um just to helps to say thank you and to help support Um living a very enriched lifestyle at any one of our communities. So whether that’s Kirklands, Phil Thorough um or silver lake, every single one of our morning star properties or community and homes, our veterans receive a hundred dollars off their rents. So that’s Um. There’s an amazing program yeah, Um. So our our residents get to enjoy life Um for a lot longer. Well, and you know the thing is is about those that are are veterans Um. It’s always nice to be in a community that is focused on a specific Um. What’s the word? I want culture? You know, Um. I know that that if you’re a veteran, and I’ve been another veterans communities and there’s something when you’re with your peers that helps you adjust so much better. And so I know that there are a lot of veterans. Whenever I come there it’s like how many seniors they’ve got there, you know, their veterans hat on Um, and it makes me proud to see that because I think that that the fact that you value those that have served our country is Um is something that is definitely important and and you know, we have done for years. We’ve done interviews with veterans Um and one of these days in lay now I would love to do that with you guys, because I think you’ve got some resonance that can tell amazing stories, and that’s the thing, I think that’s so valuable about having an you know, a place where someone if they’ve served in the military or been a military wife, Um. That certainly is a whole lifestyle in itself and culture in itself and, Um, you know, it’s having that kind of and, uh, you know, an ability to have something to relate to with one another. I think it’s so important in the whole destimate phage and and the longevity of making sure that people are working together and the standards in which they live by. I think is another piece of it. Absolutely in addition to a hundred dollars off of monthly run. I mean we do what we actually work with another company called Outer Life Financial and they help assist veterans get additional veterans support. So there is, Um, a veteran support called the aid and attendance benefit. Um, the aid and attendance benefit it’s a wartime veterans so anyone who served at least one day during an active war period. Um, just one day didn’t have to see war. Um, wartime veterans and their surviving spouses sixty five years and older may be entitled to a tax free benefit called the aid and attendance that’s provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This benefit is designed to provide financial aid to offset the cost of long term care for those who need assistance with the activities of daily livings. In other words, this benefit is available for for for seniors looking to move into senior care Um like morning star or any other Um, and it will help some out off at that costs of Care Um the Americas. Just to give you so we have again we helped by giving a hundred dollars off the aid an attendant benefit. We’re surviving spouses. It’s thirteen eighteen monthly. Is what a surviving spouse would get on a monthly basis to move into any one of our communities. A single veteran is two thousand dollars and two thousand fifty dollars off Um is what they actually get every single month, and a married couple they get two thousand four thirty one. So this is an incredible benefit for surviving spouse to get hundred dollars a month to pay for care. A single veterans two thousand fifty dollars a month to pay for care and married couples. So had our married couples should be moving in, they get thousand for no one a month Um. In addition to our hundred dollars off of monthly care as our monthly rent as well. So there are benefits out there for our veterans to capitalize and utilize so they can move into senior care, enjoy lifestyff enjoy quality, Um, you know, maintenance free, and we’re gonna talk about that later too. But I think it’s an incredible opportunity for our veterans to relax, enjoy life, fellowship with other veterans in the community, Um, you know, and and and the lifestyle that we provide with activities and events and programming and everything else in between. Um, it’s an incredible benefit. So Um folks and calls if they want to know more about that particular benefit and how to get that benefit as well. There is, of course it’s. Is there some red tape and um it would be more than happy to discuss that. Um It’s folks want to get more information right and I do know that for those of you to qualify, obviously there’s a financial qualifier that you have to have and then the other part of it is you have to have meet the requirement. I believe it’s two of seven Um activities of daily living, which they there’s seven of them. Are Eight, I think something like that. Um. And so it’s something that, again, um it’s like having an organization like what who you work with Elena. They can help you see if you qualify for a square benefit like that, because certainly there’s a lot of considerations Um that can that can happen Um to improve your quality of life, and I think one of the things that having that, especially a veteran’s program Um. You know, when people are in the military, they’re used to finding a camaraderie together. They had, you know, they worked together Chandem with, you know, their squadron or, you know, wherever they’re base. They have a military community and I think that one of the things that’s really important. I think um about that is having that, keeping that cohesiveness of a culture and having that cohesiveness of people coming together and and I think that’s one of the things that you guys do so well is finding that and you do a lot of that through Um activities. And I’m sure I’m making the assumption you take the veterans that are in better your residents. Absolutely, at you know, as part of that. Absolutely, and in fact you mentioned the calmaraderie. I was recently kicked out of a veterans breakfast group that Um we have been on site a week ago. Um We had about fifteen differens Um enjoying a beautiful, uh, buffet of of breakfast and to see these guys talk, Um. And so I was stopping a lot of those conversations and Um, it was just so much fun. And UH, of course I’m a girl if I got kicked out, but it was just, it was just, it was such a cool and men’s breakfast. It was actually really a lot fun and Um, so this jody wasn’t this doubt, but it was a great men’s breakfast. But yes, Um, you know, to provide long, long term care in these enriched environments for our veterans, Um is it’s a blessing, Um, to be able to work and partner with Um organizations that will help navigate through the paperwork so that our veterans do qualify and count qualify for this best for this benefit. is a blessing as well. So, Um, we have done everything that we can at morning start Um to do right by our residents. And again that goes back to Um. We honor our seniors and we invest generously in what we do and for them. MHM and and certainly, Um, there’s some of the states to do around the community and Um, we’re now we’ll talk about a little bit more about the community and stuff in our next segmentment, but just overall, you guys are in, you know, the backyard, obviously the navy base and Everett Um backyard of Boeing Um, but you’re not in the flight path. That’s important and and the thing that I think is really important with that is there’s a lot of um former military that went to work for Boeing um after their military career. So again, we do have a lot of veterans in the area in South Snahamash County and Um, certainly you guys have kind of established and put yourself on the map to to work with veterans and I think that’s really, really important. And if your spouse of somebody that’s been a military family, you’ll find camaraderie with the other spouses that have, you know, that have served time. And I think that’s the thing that Um sometimes we forget about that we forget about out the families and what they endured and where they lived all across the world and in the fact that they choose to Um, you know, spend their requirement years with you guys. Um. It’s pretty amazing things. So I know that you guys appreciate it absolutely. And and just to put a plug in. That’s one of the reasons why we’re doing and our open house is not just to celebrate the renovations that we have at our community, um, that we metamorph us into this beautiful community now. Um, you know, outside and in so Um we’re we’re hosting a huge celebration on July, seven, eight and nine, from one to four, um, in honor of our our military. We’re gonna have five different stations, lots of getaways, free food, music, you name it, we’re gonna have it and and and again. It’s in salute for for our veterans, Um and and celebration of turn and U key there at our community, so the lake and Everett. Well, I’m so excited for you to have this Um amazing event and to the community in Um, south Kahamas County. Um, everybody’s invited, right, everybody’s invited. Yeah, it’s gonna be a huge event. We want everyone there. Um. We’re gonna have, like I said, tons of food center giveaways, huge Ralphle at the end as well. So for each day and both Um, we wanted to make it available for folks to attend, which is why we decided to do a three day big celebration event. Um. So Thursday, Friday Saturday, from one to four Um, folks can R S V P at four to five, four, six, six, six, mine, eight two. Again, that number is four to five, four, six, six, six, mine, eight to Um. And if you also want to get more information on how to qualify for the eight and attendance benefits, give us a call. If you want to get more information on getting a hundred dollars up rent for being a veteran or a veteran spouse. Um, please give us a cause while we do, honor all of our veterans fabulous and remember, when thing be good to each other. Talk to you next week by we at answers for elders. Thank you for listening. Did you know that you can discover hundreds of podcasts in our library on senior care? So visit our website and discover our decision guys. That will help you also navigate decision making. 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Originally published July 07, 2022

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