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Revisiting the Moody Blues & Reliving the 70s

This article was originally published in March 2012.

close up of a guitar being played, on the Moody Blues blog post

Recently, my wife and I, along with our good friends, were down at the fabulous Fox Theater here in Atlanta, Georgia. We went to see The Moody Blues.

We saw the local Public TV station promoting this show with a performance of the Moody Blues from the Royal Albert Hall in London. They were good and we made a note to pick up tickets if they came to town. Well of course they were coming to town as we heard shortly on the pledge break.

Well, I was a big fan of music back in the day and I bet if you are an older Boomer, then you were too. We loved our music. The Moody Blues was just one of those bands of the era and I remembered liking their music but couldn’t remember exactly all their big songs. So pre-concert Saturday afternoon I went to YouTube and played their music for a few hours. I played “Tuesday Afternoon,” “Your Wildest Dreams,” “I’m Just a Singer,” and “Nights in White Satin.”


I was pleased later at the concert when they played all these favorites!

This YouTube recording from 1970 of “Tuesday Afternoon” really got me to remember how it was back then! Wow, look at the smoke in this club; how could they even sing in that stuff? Look at the hair and clothing from that era. And then to think this same person would be singing the same song at a concert 42 years later! The band has toured the world many times over and lasted longer than almost any others; what an accomplishment!

At the concert, the drummer, Graeme Edge, who is an original member of the group, announced he is 70 years old! He came out and danced the jig on stage for a while and really got the crowd going. He said when he started with the band 45 years ago when he was 25 yrs old, his hair was brown and his teeth were white. Then he made a V with his fingers and said that stood for the peace sign back in the day; and now, with white hair and stained teeth, the V is for Viagra.

Justin Haywood is the main singer who has been with the group since 1966 and is 65 years old. At the concert he sounds just like he did back then; just like he did in the “Tuesday Afternoon” YouTube video!


The other lead singer is John Lodge, who has also been with the group since 1966. He is 67 years old. Can you believe it?

They are still quite good and if you get a chance, you should go see them perform!
The Fox was sold out and everyone was my age or older. But when the lights when down and our music came out there was much dancing and grooving going on.

A good time was had by all!


Originally published October 30, 2023

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