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Grand Valley State University
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Allendale, MI 49401
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Welcome to the Center for Adult and Continuing Studies (ACS)
Grand Valley State University's Center for Adult & Continuing Studies is a program for life-long learners of every age or level of education. We believe learning is an enriching experience for life and can help you along the way. Choose one of the following to get the information specific to your needs.

Adult Students

For prospective GVSU students with some college credit who would like to finish their degree.

Transfer Students

For students currently at an area community college who would like to transfer to GVSU and get their bachelor's degree.

Professional Development

Noncredit professional development opportunities available through GVSU.

Grand Forum

A lifelong learning program for people 55 years or older.

Lifelong Learning On Tap

A unique lifelong learning event series offered by GVSU.

Contact Us

Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (616) 331-7180.

Who We Are

The Center for Adult and Continuing Studies develops and supports programs and services that link the needs of lifelong learners with the resources of the university.


The Center for Adult and Continuing Studies is dedicated to serving adult and non-traditional learners, being a leader in providing new opportunities for access to learning and innovative educational opportunities.

We are known for our contributions to, and being a resource for, both the communities we serve and Grand Valley State University.

A GVSU Adult and Continuing Studies advisor working with adults students.

In addition to demonstrating the University's values of Excellence, Integrity, Inquiry, Inclusiveness, Community, Sustainability and Innovation, the following are central to our work:

Including Underrepresented Learners
We value education for all. We are conscientious in our efforts to include differing perspectives and individuals in dialogue. Differences in social, economic, and academic backgrounds enrich our own views and broaden our opportunity to meet the programming needs of our constituents. We encourage participation from those who are often absent from discussions.

We value collaborations and partnerships with our external and internal communities; specifically academic units, businesses, community organizations, and individuals. We are dedicated to honest and open dialogue, the development of solid relationships, and meaningful educational programming efforts and projects. We seek to connect the larger community with the academic environment to engage in the creation of a shared and mutual understanding through various programming efforts.

Meeting Specific Needs
We are committed and conscientious in our efforts to define and meet the educational needs and expectations of our constituents through dialogue, research, assessment, and evaluation.

Fiscal Responsibility
We understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and understand our role in contributing to the financial health of the university. We are conscientious in our efforts to provide quality programming in a manner that is fiscally effective and efficient.

GVSU adult student at the Traverse City Regional Center.

What We Do
Looking to start or finish a degree? We can help you. Find out more about the opportunities we offer.

Degree Completion Programs

Are you a professional who needs to maintain a license or improve skills? We offer a variety of professional development programs for you to take advantage of.

Professional Development Opportunities

Learning never ends. Grand Forum is an educational program for adults 55 and older. If you're looking for individuals of diverse backgrounds who meet in an academic setting, this is the opportunity for you.
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