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The Pros And Cons Of Aging In Place With A Roommate

Shared housing, or a home share, is when two or more people live together for mutual benefit. Housemates, flatmates, lodgers—no matter what you call it, aging in place with a roommate is an option more and more seniors are choosing.


Are you a retiree considering shared housing? Wondering if a roommate is right for you? Let’s talk about all of the pros and cons!

Aging In Place With a Roommate – PROS

With the cost of living continuing to rise, it’s no wonder why seniors have been choosing shared housing as a lifestyle. Splitting expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries can be a huge help for those living on fixed incomes. Here are some other PROS to consider:

  • Companionship
  • Complementary abilities – maybe one roommate is unable to drive and the other happens to be the best cook
  • Shared chores and responsibilities – cleaning, maintenance, and yard work can be split up
  • Confidence in numbers – senior housemates can rest a little easier knowing that if there’s a medical or another type of emergency, someone is always there
  • Peace of mind for family members
  • Help each other maintain independence
  • Additional source of income
  • Social engagement
  • Built-in pet sitter

Aging In Place With a Roommate – CONS

Of course, aging in place with a roommate may not be the ideal lifestyle for everyone. Some CONS to consider are:

  • Personality clashing
  • Disagreements about pets
  • Different cleanliness and priority standards
  • Less privacy
  • Sharing – hey, sometimes you just want your own stuff
  • Disagreements about home temperature
  • Different standards for houseguests
  • Potential of one roommate hogging a certain space or the TV
  • Different noise thresholds
  • Disagreements about finances

Are You a Retiree Looking For Shared Housing?

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Find shared housing near me.

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Originally published December 08, 2022

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