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Should Annuities Be Part of Your Retirement Portfolio?

While the vast array of annuity products today offers so much more, the basis of the annuity remains the same.

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy an Annuity – What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

If you’re worried about the possibility of outliving your retirement, then an annuity might be perfect for you. However, annuities aren’t for everyone. Here are the top 6 reasons you shouldn’t buy one.

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How to Calculate Annuity Payouts

If you’re planning to invest in an annuity, it’s important to know how to calculate annuity payouts. Here’s an easy-to-understand guide to doing just that.

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Senior Resource’s Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist & Guide for 2023

Planning for the future is important at any age. But, for seniors, retirees, and family caregivers, a well-thought estate plan is essential.

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How to Choose the BEST Annuity in 5 Simple Steps

Let’s cover all the basics and explore some key factors to consider when making your decision.

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Ask These 10 Questions BEFORE Buying an Annuity

There are many types of annuities and there’s really no “one-size-fits-all.” Here are some basics to know and all the essential questions you should be asking before buying.

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What is a Fixed Index Annuity and How Does it Work?

A fixed index annuity might be the perfect fit for you if what you’re most looking for is principal protection. Here’s everything you need to know about this common insurance product.

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How Do Annuities Work?

How do annuities work? Take a look at this simple infographic to start understanding the basics!

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5 BIGGEST Annuity Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Annuities continue to be a popular choice for retirement planners. But, choosing the wrong annuity or insurance provider can end up losing you money!

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Annuity or 401(k)? Which is Better for Retirement?

When it comes to choosing how you want to invest money for retirement, two of the most common options are annuities and 401(k)s. But, which is better? Well, the answer to that may not be straightforward for everyone.

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