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Hospice Care

How to Choose a Hospice Care Program

Here’s what you should know about hospice care, along with some tips to help you choose one.

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Paying for Palliative Care

Who pays for palliative care? Well, that depends.

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5 Common Services Hospice Provides

Care provided is focused on symptom management. Here’s some of the most common services you can expect from hospice.

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8 Myths About Hospice Care BUSTED

Busting the top 8 myths about hospice care!

Is Hospice Just for End of Life?

When most people think of hospice care, they think of it as a death sentence. But is this type of care only for patients who are nearing the end of their lives?

Navigating End-of-Life Care: Hospice and Palliative Care Resources for Seniors and Caregivers

End-of-life care can feel scary, but understanding what to expect can help make the process easier. Here’s what you need to know.

Does Medicare Pay for Hospice?

You may be surprised to know that Medicare also covers costs associated with end-of-life care. Here’s what to know.

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Who Pays for Hospice if My Loved One Receives Medicare?

Hospice is a subject no one ever wants to discuss, so it’s often misunderstood. Here’s everything to know about getting hospice while receiving Medicare.

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1.61 Million Medicare Recipients Use Hospice Each Year – 10 Facts About Hospice You Didn’t Know

Many families are not especially informed about all that hospice has to offer. So, let’s talk facts!

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Jimmy Carter Receiving Hospice Care – What Does That Mean?

After a lifetime of public service, advocating for human rights, and peace negotiating, Jimmy Carter has more than earned a place in the hearts of all Americans.

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