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After Mom Moves

After Mom Moves


Are you trying to manage the resources from afar?

  You may benefit from Seniors Real Estate Coordination
- Property preparation for sale - Estate clean out - No hassle transitions
- Communication with family & professional advisors - Home sale and closing
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Adult Family Home

Adult Family Home

Larson Grove, LLC

Adult Family Home

11211 SE 213th St.

Kent, WA 98031

[email protected]

Visitors to Larson Grove say the place just feels like home. Our quiet three bedroom rambler, close to hospitals, clinics, and retail stores, provides a positive home environment served up with a friendly smile, a warm hand to hold, and a patient ear to listen. Please call for more information or a tour.

Phone: 206-354-6498

Agencies on Aging

Agencies on Aging

Find Washington Adult/Senior Services & Information covering: Washington in-home services, Washington residential care (assisted living, nursing home), Washington resources to pay for care, possible Washington and federal benefits, legal and financial planning, and aging health information.

Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
DSHS Constituent Services
PO Box 45130
Olympia, WA 98504-5130

Aging & Disability Services Administration (ADSA)
ADSA Headquarters
Blake Office Park West
4450 10th AVE SE
Lacey, WA 98503


Alzheimer's Communities Regulations

Alzheimer's Unit Requirements set by
Aging and Adult Services Administration

If the facility accepts residents with dementia care needs, it must provide qualified staff who are present at all times. Staff must prevent residents from wandering from the facility and meet special physical plant requirements such as slip-resistant floors free of abrupt changes.

Assisted Living Regulations divider

Assisted Living Regulations

Assisted Living Regulatory Information
Aging and Adult Services Administration

Boarding Homes / Assisted Living. Boarding Home licensure is from the Department of Social and Health Services and may receive Medicaid reimbursement. A Boarding Home / Assisted Living Facility is any home or institution providing board and domiciliary care including general health supervision, and assistance with self-administration of medications. The facility may also provide the following of prescribed diets and activity regimes; making and keeping of appointments for health care services; maintaining personal hygiene; obtaining and maintaining functional aids; arranging for social, recreational, and religious activities; resident mobility; and incontinence care. Facilities may provide or supervise limited nursing services. Residents may arrange for on-site health care services when their needs cannot be met with limited nursing services.

Adult Day Care

Adult Day & Hospice Care

Adult Day Care is a life senior service for frail, physically or cognitively impaired, seniors and their caregivers. Numerous stand alone adult day care facilities and adult day care centers are available in urban and suburban areas to provide elderly care. Check your state here. A large percentage of Adult Day Care Centers are operated on a nonprofit or public basis. Many centers are affiliated with multi-service entities such as home care, assisted living, nursing facilities and hospitals

Congregate, assisted living or nursing care communities may offer elderly care as an "outpatient" service to the neighboring population on a per day basis. Those that do, may also offer respite care for a weekend, or a week. Senior centers may also offer senior day care as one of their life senior services.

Learn more about Adult Day Care HERE

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HMOs Ranked

Award Winning HMOs

Find out if any HMOs in your area rank in the top 50.

HealthMatrix Research Inc. ranks HMOs, provides price comparisons, tips to ask when shopping for an HMO and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The site provides cost comparisons for over 200 Medicare health plans in 100 cities; a quick search feature for consumers to locate Medicare health plans; a convenient on-line form for requesting Medicare health plan information. The website does not provide health/medical information except for links to other such websites.

Directories Senior Housing Options divider

Directories - Senior Housing Options


Low Cost Drugs

Drug Savings Programs and Medical Aids

Find Low Drug Prices

Save money! Compare prescription drug prices for 1,000+ medications. You'll also see online pharmacy ratings and shipping fees so you can compare total costs.

Find Low Drug Prices from Verified Pharmacies
compare drug prices


For information on your state's prescription drug assistance program-
Program benefits and eligibility varies by state.

Health and drug Insurance Divider

Health and Drug Insurance Information

  • Health and insurance benefits and managed care information Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA)/

  • Insurance and advocate information http://www.insurance.wa.gov

  • Medigap and Medicare Insurance Divider

    Health Insurance Counseling, Advocacy, and Medicare Help

    Need help with the Medicare Maze?
    Every state has a Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program
    to help understand Medicare coverage, payments and Medigap Insurance options.
    Note: Toll free numbers often work only from within the state.
    From out of state? Use the other number, when provided.
    For more counseling information visit www.medicare.gov

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    Insurance: Automobile

    All Web Leads USinsurance.com

    Auto Insurance

    cost effective auto insurance

    life insurance divider

    Insurance: Life

    long term care insurance divider

    Insurance, Long Term Care

    Because of old age, mental or physical illness, or injury, some people find themselves in need of help with eating, bathing, dressing, and other physical activities. Long-term care insurance can help pay for such care in the future. To help protect your financial independence, as you grow older, many Long Term Care Insurance providers have plans that offer comprehensive benefits as well as a proven track record of claims payments and financial stability. You should review all your options carefully.


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    Annuities 401K rollovers investments Divider


    Annuities Why look into annuities? If you're a Baby Boomer with little or no pension and most of your money in low-interest savings accounts, an annuity may be the key to a secure and comfortable retirement. How can you find out whether an annuity is right for you? Read .
    Annuities For Dummies is a plain-English guide is packed with the latest information on choosing the best annuity for your retirement needs. You'll find out exactly what annuities are, whether they're the right financial vehicle for you, and which of the many annuity options might have your name on it. You'll learn the ins and outs of using annuities to fund your retirement years, figure out whether to stress investments with insurance or insurance with investments, and find out how the right combination of annuities can help you squeeze more income out of your savings that any other financial tool. Discover how to:

    • • Identify the main types of annuities

    • • Weigh the pros and cons of annuities for yourself

    • • Minimize the complexity of your annuity investment

    • • Figure out how much money to commit

    • • Avoid common annuity pitfalls

    • • Create an income you can't outlive


    401K Seventy-eight per cent of eligible American employees participate in their company's 401(k) plan, comprising over 40 million workers. The Enron collapse, coupled with new uncertainty in the investing and accounting industries, however, has even longtime 401(k) investors rethinking their approach. This guide explains the basics of 401(k) investing in plain English, showing readers how to manage their accounts, minimize their investment risk and maximize their returns. It discusses the pros and cons of including company stock and helps readers decide whether taking out a loan against their 401(k) is a wise idea. The text explains the difference between a defined contribution and a defined benefit plan, including the pros and cons of each, has sample 401(k) portfolios for various stages of life and contains a retirement calculator formula to know how much you need to save. Read 401k For Dummies

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    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    The type of care that may be administered ONLY BY A NURSING HOME near you, is defined by state regulations. Generally "medical procedures" and assistive acts requiring a nurse to physically "handle" a patient are limited to nursing home providers, when not in a hospital. Changing bandages deep wounds is often only permitted in Nursing Homes as is turning a patient in bed, who cannot turn themselves.

    Moving and Storage Divider

    Moving and Storage Services

    Make sure you have the information you need to protect your memories, money, and belongings from moving problems.

    The best defense against moving difficulties is to be informed and aware of your options when choosing a reputable mover. While most household moves go smoothly, there are many pitfalls that you should be aware of. It can also be stressful, even under the best of circumstances. Use the checklist here to help guide you through the moving venture.

    A key step is to read and understand all information provided by the mover. These should include the following basic documents as part of your move:

    The estimate should clearly describe, in writing, all charges for services the mover will perform. Make sure the estimate is signed by the mover.
    Do not accept oral estimates.
    Bill of Lading
    The bill of lading is a contract between you and the mover and a receipt of your belongings. You should be given a partially completed copy of the bill of lading before the mover leaves the residence at origin.
    Order for Service
    The order for service is a list of all the services the mover will perform and shows the dates your household goods will be picked up and delivered
    The inventory is the receipt showing each item you shipped and its condition. Be sure you receive a written copy of the inventory after your household goods are loaded, and that you agree with its description of your household goods' condition

    See our list of Washington Moving Companies

    To resovle moving issues, contact your state regulartory agency below.

    Utilities and Transportation Commission,
    Consumer Protection and Communications
    Assisted Living Communities

    Assisted Living Communities

    Assisted Living Communities Your retirement planning should be based on understanding the options associated with Assisted living. As part of a retirement plan these options combine housing, support services and health care, as needed. Assisted living is a retirement service for individuals who require assistance with everyday activities such as meals, medication management or assistance, bathing, dressing and transportation. Some residents may have memory disorders including Alzheimer's, or they may need help with mobility, incontinence or other challenges of senior life. Residents are assessed to determine the level of service they may need. These retirement services generally include: 24/7 supervision, 3 meals a day, housekeeping, transportation, minor medical attention, personal care assistance, security and emergency call, exercise programs, social and educational activities. In addition some Assisted living communities may provide: gardens, libraries, and chapels.

    Assisted living communities are operated by both profit and non-profit organizations. Pricing can range from $1000 to over $4,000 per month based on your location. There may be extra fees for special services.

    Learn more about Assisted Living Communities here.

    Real Estate Agents: Buy or Sell

    Interested in Buying or Selling
    a Home or Condo?

    Whenever possible your inquiry goes to a Specialist trained to work with seniors from over 800 such specialists in our International referral network.

    Having a Professional Specialist contact you, is just a click away! Fill out the inquiry form and we do the rest.

    Senior Apartments divider

    Senior Apartments

    Senior ApartmentYou may choose to spend your golden years in a community designed especially for mature adults. Senior living facilities come in many sizes and shapes. Senior apartments are one such chose. A Senior Apartment allows you to take advantage of many amenities and personalized services without having to maintain a house and yard.

    Senior apartments should be a consideration for older adults that can take care of themselves. Aside from age-restrictions these apartments are usually developed the same as standard apartments. Some of these apartments are also equipped with items such as hand rails and pull cords to make getting around and living easier. Also these apartments provide a community of elderly neighbors without the hassles of a larger home to manage. Properties can vary in terms of services but typically offer apartment living and services designed specifically for independent active seniors 55 and older. Since many of these residences are designed for active seniors, most do not offer meal service, housekeeping or medical services. Senior apartment complexes are usually located near senior centers, parks, shopping malls, golf courses and public transportation. Some provide van services to nearby shopping and needed services.

    Senior apartments can be found in many communities, some are under federal housing guidelines and will only accept low income seniors, but most are privately owned. Many of the privately owned properties offer reduced rents to low-income tenants with assistance from Dept. of Housing Urban Development (HUD). You should be aware that senior apartments usually have a captured audience with a significant waiting lists period. The following table provides a listing of senior apartments in your state; those that may have subsidized units are identified with an "S" in the right hand column

    senior centers divider

    Senior Centers

    senior newspapers Divider

    Senior Newspapers

    Senior Scene

    Serving the 50+ Community of Pierce/Tacoma Counties
    Published by Senior Media Services
    a program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest
    223 N. Yakima
    Tacoma, WA 98403-2230
    253.272 2278
    Want to inquire about a subscription?

    Aging in Place

    Aging In Place

    Aging in Place

    "Aging in place" is growing older without having to move. Aging in place with supportive services is one of the most desirable ways of aging. Aging in place can achieve efficiencies enabled by the customized care. Successful aging in place approaches focus on the provision of the most appropriate care for the specific individual. Thus avoiding wasted costs brought on by a "generic" care model.

    An aging in place scenario, creates housing and health care options to provide support as defined by an individualís wishes and efforts to live independently. Aging in place can work best when it is employed as a part of a comprehensive plan for retirement and aging. A key step in implementing aging in place is to make your home aging friendly. As we age we don't hear so well, we sometimes forget or get confused and we can even outlive doctor's predictions about our longevity. So as long as we persist in growing older, why not arrange our homes to accommodate our reality. Incorporate memory triggers into the way we arrange cabinets and counters, add soft fabrics to muffle background noises, change appliances to better accommodate our short-comings.

    Here is a book to help you make your homes senior-friendly.

    Universal Design: A Step-by-Step Guide to Modifying Your Home for
    Comfortable, Accessible Living

    by Barbara Krueger and Nika Stewart is a good place to start.With the book as a guide you can plan ahead for years before you critically need the advantages offered by the ideas in the book.

    Also visit: the Universal Design Living Laboratory:A National Demonstration Home at http://www.UDLL.com by Rosemarie Rossetti, PhD

    If you want to learn more visit our Aging in place section .

    Once you have an idea of the changes needed in the home, it is time to discuss the changes with a contractor/builder in your area. Below is a list of of such providers in your area.

    Reverse Mortgage Divider

    Reverse Mortgage Information

    A FHA guaranteed Reverse Mortgage program enables older homeowners (62+) to 'borrow back' a portion of the equity in their home and convert it into cash while remaining in their home for as long as they want. They remain on title and do NOT have to make any loan payments for as long as they continue to live in the home and it remains their primary residence. When the last borrower sells, moves out or passes away, the loan becomes due. This enables many senior homeowners to age in place.

    Fincial Information For additional financial information :
    Find a wide range of other Senior Finance information here.

    Medicare Insurance Divider

    State Department of Insurance

    Insurance regulations differ from state to state.
    Need help with an insurance company provider?
    Want to know who writes Medigap insurance in your state?
    Contact: Washington Insurance Department
    4224 6th Avenue, SE Bldg 4
    PO Box 40256
    Lacey, WA 98504-0256

    Washington taxes divider


  • Personal Income Tax 0

  • Sales Tax: 6.5% (Food and prescription drugs exempt.)
    Local taxes may increase the total by another 2%

  • Property Tax: Call 1-800-647-7706 or click here
    For further information Washington Department of Revenue.

  • Washington senior information divider

    Washington Miscellaneous Resources

  • Information Directories incuding housing and care options http://seniorservices.org/

  • Snohomish County senior resources at http://www.sssc.org

  • Edmonds Communtiy College classes and activities for seniors