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What Are the Most Common Mistakes with Estate Planning?

common mistakes in estate planning

Avoiding Estate Planning Pitfalls: A Guide to Common Mistakes

Estate planning is a critical step towards securing your family’s financial future and ensuring your wishes are honored after you’re no longer here. However, it’s essential to navigate this process carefully to avoid common pitfalls that can have unintended consequences. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the most frequent estate planning mistakes and offer practical advice on how to sidestep them.


Estate Planning Mistake 1: Procrastination, “I’ll Do It Later”

resting on the couch, avoiding making her estate plan

Mistake: Delaying the estate planning process.

Solution: Start Now!


Many people put off estate planning, thinking they have plenty of time. However, life is unpredictable, and planning early is the key to a well-prepared estate. Begin today, regardless of your age or wealth, to ensure your loved ones are protected.

Estate Planning Mistake 2: Failing to Update Your Plan, “Set It and Forget It”

update your estate plan

Mistake: Neglecting to revise your estate plan.

Solution: Regularly Review and Update

Life changes—marriages, divorces, births, and financial fluctuations. Your estate plan should reflect these changes. Review and update it regularly to keep it current.


Estate Planning Mistake 3: Unclear Beneficiary Designations, “Who Gets What?”

3 people sitting at table arguing over an  underaccomplished estate plan

Mistake: Ambiguity in beneficiary designations.

Solution: Be Clear and Specific

Vague or outdated beneficiary designations can lead to disputes. Clearly state who should receive what assets to avoid confusion and potential conflicts.

Estate Planning Mistake 4: Ignoring Tax Considerations, “Taxes, What Taxes?”

estate planning mistake, taxes

Mistake: Neglecting tax implications.

Solution: Consult with a Tax Professional


Estate and inheritance taxes can erode your assets. Work with a tax professional to minimize your tax liabilities and optimize your plan.

Estate Planning Mistake 5: Digital Assets, “What About My Online Life?”

Estate planning mistake, ignoring social media and other digital assets

Mistake: Overlooking digital assets.

Solution: Include Digital Assets

In today’s digital age, don’t forget about online accounts, social media profiles, and cryptocurrency. Ensure your estate plan includes instructions for managing these digital assets.

Estate Planning Mistake 6: Guardian for Minor Children, “Who Will Care for My Kids?”

older parent

Mistake: Not appointing a guardian for minors.

Solution: Choose a Guardian

Select a trustworthy guardian for your children if something happens to you. It’s a vital part of estate planning, often overlooked.

Estate Planning Mistake 7: DIY Estate Planning, “I Can Do It Myself”

typing on a computer

Mistake: Attempting DIY estate planning.

Solution: Seek Professional Guidance

Online templates may seem tempting, but estate planning requires expertise. Consult with an experienced attorney to ensure your plan is legally sound and tailored to your unique needs.

Estate Planning Mistake 8: Healthcare Directives, “What If I’m Incapacitated?”

power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and living will legal documents

Mistake: Neglecting healthcare directives.

Solution: Include Healthcare Directives

Advanced healthcare directives, like living wills and healthcare powers of attorney, outline your medical preferences. Ensure they’re part of your estate plan.

Estate Planning Mistake 9: Lack of Communication, “They’ll Figure It Out”


Mistake: Failing to communicate your wishes.

Solution: Talk to Your Family

Discuss your estate plan with your loved ones. Clear communication prevents surprises and potential conflicts during emotionally challenging times.

Estate Planning Mistake 10: Skipping Professional Guidance, “I Don’t Need an Attorney”

elder law attorney sitting at table talking with a senior couple

Mistake: Not seeking legal advice.

Solution: Consult an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is complex. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal intricacies, minimize tax liabilities, and ensure your wishes are legally binding.

Don’t Make These Mistakes!

common mistakes in estate planning

In conclusion, estate planning is a crucial endeavor that requires careful consideration. By avoiding these common mistakes and taking the right steps, you can create a robust estate plan that safeguards your assets and provides for your loved ones. Remember, it’s an ongoing process that adapts to life’s changes. Start today, and consult with professionals for a comprehensive and secure estate plan.

Originally published October 10, 2023

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