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Why You Should Embrace an Active Adult Retirement Community Lifestyle

The most important thing you get in buying into an active adult community is a ready-built framework for an active lifestyle. Del Webb is a “culture industry.” They don’t do the heavy lifting; they just provide the framework. 


Sure, they sell the dream, but the dream can come true.

Real estate agents say, “We try to tell people to focus more on their lifestyle and less on the house.” That’s because they’re buying precisely that.


Some buyers don’t understand that. They say the homes are too expensive. They’re not considering the most important perk of all. If a buyer just wants the home alone, they should look elsewhere. Plenty of subdivisions near my Del Webb Community offer nice, ranch-style homes. But that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison to a home in an active adult community.

In theory, an active lifestyle could be accomplished anywhere. But within the framework of an active adult community, it can be accomplished much easier and faster.

So, What Is This Active Lifestyle, Anyway?

An active lifestyle is a well-rounded one. When people hear the word “active”, they may picture an athlete or gym rat. Sure, an active lifestyle includes fitness, but it also encompasses so much more. Here are a few more areas it spans:


group of Baby Boomer firneds taking a selfie at a table

Fortunately, you won’t have trouble meeting your social quota in an active adult community. There are countless clubs and activities right at your fingertips. You have the freedom to pick and choose based on your likes and interests. The framework provided includes clubs and groups, activities, clubhouse, events, neighbors, etc. Perhaps this is why so many Del Webb marketing posters show couples sitting around the fire pit or pool with their glasses of wine.



Getting out of the house is healthy. Fortunately, in my active adult community, there are plenty of things to draw you out of your house. Health is on our minds. At least, I know it’s on mine. Planned activities, especially sports, make it easier for everyone to stay in good shape. Thus, the framework for a healthy lifestyle is the amenities, ball fields, walking tracks, and sports teams.


There’s no place like home, and that rings true at Del Webb. If you think of homes in a retirement community as stodgy and cookie-cutter, you couldn’t be more wrong. The homes in my community are cozy and inviting. They’re one-level, with energy-efficient appliances and every modern convenience you’d ever need. Plus, they’re safe. You don’t have to worry about people breaking in, thanks to a dedicated security system. Gone are the days when you have to drag your mower out of the shed and take it to your yard. A maintenance staff takes care of that. As you can see, the framework for an active lifestyle also includes your home.


When people are living their best life, they’re happy. Being happy means you’ll be more positive.  A lot of the people living in active adult communities are happy. Therefore, they’re positive. We’re all products of our environment. When we’re submerged in negativity and unhappiness, we tend to internalize that. And then we externalize it when we let negative talk spew out of our mouths. Since moving into my active adult community, both my attitude and outlook have been more positive. That alone makes the price of my home worth it. Therefore, the framework for an active, well-rounded lifestyle includes your environment.


The location of your active adult community can give you a taste of a lifestyle different than what you had during your working years. I was a prisoner of suburbia as a younger man. Well, I didn’t view myself as a prisoner at the time, and there are still things about cities I love. Still, I love seeing stars at night. I love the rolling hills, farms, community theaters, and picturesque town squares. I love that good, old-fashioned small-town feeling straight out of Mayberry. If your new community is at the beach or even in a city, then those different lifestyles have things to offer, as well. So, the location is also an important part of the framework for an active lifestyle.


Enjoy Your Life!

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As you can see, an active adult community has a lot to offer. And it’s all there, waiting for you. In the two years I’ve called an active adult community home, I’ve become a lot more active, healthier, and sociable.  It’s a framework that works well, but you have to make it work for yourself. Find hobbies you love and people to share them with. Make the most of your retirement and be as active as possible. After all, you only get one shot at this little thing we call life.

Originally published August 31, 2023

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