Shared Housing


  • Are you a Senior?

  • Do you live alone?

  • Could you use additional income?

  • Would you like to reduce housing costs?

  • Do you need help with chores?

  • Are you willling to share your home?

  • Are you willing to help out to lower your rent?

  • If your response to some of these questions is "yes, " then Home sharing, facilitated through the guidance of professionals, may be the answer.

    Home sharing is an alternative long term living arrangement where two unrelated people choose to live in a::

  • Shared House

  • Shared Apartment

  • Shared Condominium

  • Shared Mobile home

  • Each person has their own bedroom, but shares the commmon areas of the Shared home:

  • Living room

  • Kitchen

  • Patio

  • Family room

  • Housemates make mutual decisions regarding expectations for:

  • Household duties

  • Kitchen usage

  • Telephone usage

  • Privacy

  • Guests

  • There are a number of reasons a person would consider home sharing:

  • Financial benefits

  • For the person on a tight budget, a shared homecan reduce the cost of housing by $2500 or more per year.

  • Independence

    For someone who needs help to stay in their home, a housemate can do

  • Yardwork

  • Cleaning

  • Transportation

  • Cooking

  • in exchange for a reduction in rent, or room and board.

  • Security
    Another person living in the Shared Home
  • Can lessen the fear of being alone

  • Take in the mail when you're away

  • Seek help if you're unable to do that for yourself.

  • Companionship
    There's someone to talk to, someone with whom to share similiar interests.
  • Shared Housing not-for-profit agencies

  • Match homeproviders and homeseekers.

  • Take into account special needs, personalities, and requirements of each individual.

  • Usual staff procedure includes:

  • Personal interviews with all clients - both halves of the potential shared housing pair.

  • Home visits are arranged for those who are home bound.

  • References and proof of income, are required and checked for everyone who enrolls in the program.

  • After the application has been processed, referrals to possible roommates are given.

  • Potential roommates then meet and interview each other.

  • Once Homesharers are matched they are contacted on a regular basis to evaluate the progress of the match and provide problem solving or mediation if necessary.

  • Shared Housing Clients who have unique additional concerns are also linked with other community resources that may further assist them.

  • For additional infomation visit National Shared Housing Resource Center

    Please note that NSHRC is not a one-on-one matching program and does not interview clients for home sharing. NSHRC has registered members in the following states:

    California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon


    Interested in adding other shared housing sources?

    Locate Eldercare

       Phone 1.800.667.1166

    Offers local eldercare office numbers throughout the United States to help with location of facilities and services for seniors.

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