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Top 5 Benefits of Shared Housing for Seniors and Retirees

Shared housing is a fantastic living option for seniors and retirees that combines the best of both worlds: companionship and affordability! Ever watch “The Golden Girls?” Same idea – different decade. Of course, in the case of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, they already knew one another before moving in together. This isn’t always the case with shared housing (but, it can be!).


Anyway – whether you’re the sassy outspoken mother type, a sharp-witted substitute teacher, or any of the other Golden personalities, if you’re a single older adult looking for a leg up financially or some practical assistance, then home sharing is definitely worth looking into.

Let’s talk about some of the exclusive advantages that come with embracing this unique lifestyle.


“Picture it. Sicily, 1922!”

Okay, but really…

1. Companionship and Social Connections

two older women friends talking on couch with coffee

Shared housing provides an opportunity for seniors and retirees to form meaningful relationships and combat feelings of isolation.

Much like the iconic kitchen table conversations that took place in “The Golden Girls,” shared housing gives you a built-in social circle where stories are shared, laughter is abundant, and support is ever-present. It’s a place where you can weave your own unique narratives and create lifelong memories. Whether it’s gathering around a coffee table to solve life’s dilemmas or sharing a slice of cheesecake while recounting the day’s adventures, shared housing provides the perfect backdrop for these treasured moments.


2. Financial Stability

Sharing costs, such as rent, utilities, and groceries, can stretch your retirement income further and help you enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

However, keep in mind that while sharing costs can provide financial advantages, it’s important to establish clear communication and mutual agreements with your roommate. Open discussions about budgeting, shared expenses, and financial responsibilities are vital to ensure a harmonious and transparent living arrangement!

3. Practical Assistance

hand cleaning kitchen sink

Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or running errands, having a supportive network within the home ensures that everyone’s needs are met! Divide and conquer everyday tasks, assign specific days for different responsibilities, and transform mundane chores into bonding opportunities.

Or, say you don’t drive, but your new housemate does – they can do the grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and other tasks, while you do some cooking at home.

The possibilities to help one another are really endless!


4. Emotional Well-Being

From engaging in meaningful conversations to participating in shared activities, the connections formed within a shared housing arrangement can enrich your life in countless ways. You can rely on one another for emotional support, share burdens, and find comfort in knowing that you have trusted friends right in your own home.

5. Sustainable Living

light bulb

Shared housing promotes sustainable living by encouraging resource-sharing and reducing individual carbon footprints. It’s simple, really. Having more than one to a household conserves energy and can minimize waste.

Hellooo, greener future!

More Help with Shared Housing

If you’re looking for a roommate near you, then start with Senior Resource’s Shared Housing Directory.

Looking for more info? Then start here:

Originally published February 19, 2024


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