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12 Changes Boomers Face in Retirement

Things happen. Life happens. Sometimes, our dream retirement isn’t the one we get. New challenges arise—except now, you’re living on a fixed income, and you’re no longer a spring chicken. Staying flexible is an essential part of the journey, and acceptance is key. It’s okay to start off on one path and choose another, or take a different road if necessary. After all, that’s what flexibility is all about! Here are 12 changes you may face in retirement…and all the ways you can adjust to them.


1. Housing

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“Downsizing” is a word a lot of seniors bandy about. If you’re considering this, a senior apartment or villa might interest you. At many of these apartment complexes, residents can enjoy weekly housekeeping, dining meals, scheduled recreational activities, and more!  If you enjoy the company of those your age, then a 55 community might be more your speed.

2. Travel

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Some people decide to travel after raising children or working. Unfortunately, your travel plans might be too lofty. Maybe you’ve found that your finances in retirement may not cover cruises or trips to Europe. However, hope is not lost! Consider touring your own city or a nearby state. Many adult centers offer bus tours. You don’t have to go to another country to have fun!


3. Hobbies

Television has changed. Streaming now dominates video viewing, but maybe you don’t feel comfortable with streaming services. Trying to catch reruns of your favorite shows can be frustrating. Instead, try reading! If you don’t already have a library card, get one! Or you could try exercising. Join a gym. The possibilities are endless!

4. Friendships

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Maybe in your earlier years, you had a best friend, but you now find yourself alone at retirement age. This is a common problem seniors face. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 or older feel isolated. Talk about a daunting statistic! Try attending a new church or visiting your local senior center. Even social media is a potential meeting place for new friends! If you’re lonely, don’t accept it. Spread your wings and be a social butterfly.

5. Finances

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Look. A lot of us might not be as successful with our finances there are those of us who have not been so successful with finances due to life circumstances and changes in the economy.  There are part-time jobs that you may want to consider to supplement your retirement or social security income.

6. Expectations

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Maybe you thought that your grown children would always be there for you.  Instead, they moved far away for a new job. In that case, look into long-term insurance. Brush up your knowledge about assisted living. Have an emergency plan in place. Acquaint yourself with the resources in your area.


7. Technology

As Bob Dylan famously sang, the times, they are a-changin’. Newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur. Wireless phones have replaced their clunky, landline ancestors. New social media platforms pop up every day. While these changes can be overwhelming, the best thing to do is embrace them! Change can be scary, but don’t let fear hold you back from embracing new technology. Many types of technology are actually designed for senior citizens. Take advantage of each and every resource at your disposal.

8. Transportation

There comes a time in the life of every Boomer when driving is no longer a safe option. And while it can be distressing to hang up your keys once and for all, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of trips and errands. Look for senior transportation services in your area. Carpool with younger friends or family members. Take a train or hail an Uber. You don’t have to be the one behind the wheel in order to get places!

9. Gardening and lawn care

Maintaining your lawn or garden can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. It might be time to invest in a riding lawn mower if your yard is large. If finances allow, look into hiring some help for those hot summer days. If you live in a snowy place, ask some younger folks in your neighborhood if they’ll shovel your driveway. They can use the money, and you can use the help. There’s no shame in admitting you need some assistance. After all, we want to stay safe in our golden years!

10. Diet and exercise

In your younger years, you probably enjoyed all those high-calorie and high-cholesterol foods. Of course, weight is much easier to manage when you’re younger. Now, your love of fried foods may have caught up with you. It’s probably time for you to adjust your diet. Start incorporating more fruits and veggies into every meal. Drink more water. You could always join a gym. Or you could go walking around your neighborhood!

11. Support system

group of Baby Boomer firneds taking a selfie at a table

Some of us lack a healthy support system of friends or relatives. But remember, you’re not alone. If possible, try to move closer to family. Of course, family isn’t our only support system! Keep in touch with old coworkers. Always try to meet new people, and if you don’t have a support system, it’s never too late to build one.


12. Pets

emotional support paws

One surefire way to combat the loneliness? Get a four-legged friend! They can make a great companion and supply unconditional love. Of course, you must be able to properly care for them. Research each animal and their care needs before you commit yourself to them. Take into account every factor of pet ownership, from their life expectancy to exercise needs. Pets are a lot of work, but much like raising children, they’re certainly worth it.

Need something else?

Whether it’s time for a change, or you’re just doing some research, we can help! At, we believe in the empowerment of older adults and their caregivers through knowledge. But, we also understand that at this juncture of life, time is your most valuable asset. So, why waste it doing another internet search? Senior Resource is your one-stop spot for all things retirement. We do the work and find all the facts, just so you don’t have to! exists to provide aging adults, retirees, and caregivers with applicable, and educational content, relevant to the over-55 community. As such, we address topics like senior housing, nursing care, and aging-in-place.

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Originally published October 19, 2023


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