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Podcasts for Boomers, Expert Advice on Retirement, Medicare, Senior Housing, Aging in Place, Caregiving, and So Much More!

Our goal is simple: to bring you podcasts that inform, inspire, empower, and even entertain! We strive to create an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome and engaged.

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When you explore our podcast network, you’ll uncover a vast array of shows that cover a wide range of crucial retirement and 55+ lifestyle topics. From informative discussions on Medicare, senior housing, and aging in place, to invaluable insights into the intricacies of caregiving and beyond, our episodes leave no stone unturned. Our dedicated podcast hosts frequently invite professionals who have been thoroughly vetted for their expertise, ensuring that our listeners receive practical tips, valuable tricks, and profound insights to navigate each unique journey effectively.

Senior Resource Podcast Library

Alzheimer’s Speaks

The Alzheimer’s Speaks podcast gives voice to those living with dementia worldwide. Real stories offer comfort, hope, and insights into gracious living with dementia.

The Bryan Devore Connection

The Bryan Devore Connection podcast specializes in creating solutions for the real estate needs of seniors.

Conversations on Aging with Wendy Jones

Join Wendy Jones, of Next Steps 4 Seniors, for her weekly podcast on the tips and tools to successfully navigate your golden years. Wendy brings decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to numerous platforms including her long-running weekly radio show. With her line-up of experts on topics such as home healthcare, estate planning, senior living options, Medicare, end-of-life care, and more, this weekly podcast aims to empower you and your loved ones to make informed decisions for navigating life as we age.

Estate Planning Made Easy

The saying goes, “You can’t take it with you.” But with proper estate planning, you can ensure your legacy lives on. Join Estate Planning Made Easy for the best strategies, top secrets, and most powerful tools to help you preserve your wealth within your family.

Hollywood 360

Each week, Carl and Lisa bring listeners the very best in classic radio along with trivia contests, games, celebrity interviews, showbiz news, and movie reviews.

Living to 100 Club

The Living to 100 Club Podcast provides helpful guidance and inspiration for seniors looking to age successfully. Listeners can find motivation to embark on new chapters in life through the wealth of information on adaptation, resilience, longevity, and future breakthroughs.

Medicare Moments

The Medicare Moments podcast focuses on helping Americans reaching retirement age make sense of Medicare. Toni shares her tips, strategies, and little-known facts to help listeners personalize their plans.

Radio Rarities

Each week, Carl and Lisa offer a unique, one-of-a-kind classic radio show. They give you a great deal of background information on the show; explain why it is so unique and then present the classic radio episode.

Retire Repurposed

The Retire Repurposed podcast is dedicated to helping people transition into fulfilling and purposeful retirements. We believe retirement is not the end; rather, the beginning of what could be the most impactful season of a person’s life.

Retirement for Real

Retirement for Real is an investment podcast helping retirees make sensible financial decisions in retirement. Nothing fancy. No overly complicated or complex solutions. Just the fundamentals explained in a way that is simple to comprehend.

Retro Radio Theater

Each week, nostalgia radio historian Carl Amari presents two classic radio shows from a specific genre on each hour-long Retro Radio Theater podcast.

Senior Fitness with Meredith

Senior Fitness with Meredith is a podcast covering a wide range of health topics for seniors with enriching episodes dedicated to physical and mental wellness, nutrition, positive spirits, and motivation for leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Podcast Reviews

More and more listeners are tuning in! But, don’t take our word for it. Check out praise for Senior Resource Podcasts below!

“Just listened to Meredith’s podcast about “Meredith” and it only reinforces what I have only recently discovered about her…she truly understands the senior body! I like knowing what body part to use and why!! Her workouts are so effective but they don’t leave you in pain or worn out..I am able (with her help) to adapt things to my level on that particular day…she is so professional and caring..highly recommend her podcasts and program on YouTube 🏋️‍♀️🙂”

Senior Fitness with Meredith

“I really enjoy the trivia they do and I know a lot of older music. I often guess the songs before Carl does. Lol. I listen to podcasts every day while I work. I discovered the show when a lot of episodes were released. I still have 50 unplayed episodes!”

Hollywood 360

“Very powerful podcast that helps people understand a challenging topic.”

Alzheimer’s Speaks

More About the Senior Resource Podcast Network

As part of Salem Media Group and Eagle Financial Publications, we are dedicated to upholding a level of excellence that our audience deserves. We believe in being accountable for maintaining exceptional quality in everything we produce. To contact us, please email

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