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3 Fishy Boomer Stories


These three fishing stories all happened in the earlier part of my life. I don’t fish much anymore except for the occasional charter boat trip when we travel. Though it’s not a large part of my life anymore, the memories I have are rather fun to revisit every so often. Even the scary ones.


I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my fishing days as much as I enjoyed living them.

Catching a Mess

I grew up in a small town in middle Georgia. When I was about the age of 15, I went fishing just about every day during the summer. My two brothers and I would go behind the dam at the spillway in Lake Tchukolaho.


On this particular day, I was catching the bream like crazy with my Zebco 33 spinner.  Wearing Calypso shorts and low-cut Converse tennis shoes (with no socks) I waded out in the water almost up to my waist, hoping to get closer to the fish. After a while, my stringer was full of bream and getting heavy – so I double-tied it to my belt loop so it wouldn’t come off, then turned to start back to shore.

That fish stringer sure was heavy. I couldn’t wait to show my brothers how good I did, so with both hands, I hoisted up the stringer of fish as I was making my way to shore.

The proud smile on my face quickly turned to horrified surprise when I realized a huge ugly water moccasin snake had swallowed up the bottom half of my fish stringer; gaping jaws wide open, trying to swallow the whole string!

I don’t know who was surprised more, me or the snake. That string was tied to my belt loop!


After that, there was a lot of high-stepping and splashing to get to shore WITHOUT the snake.

pond for fishy stories

“What Do I Do Now?”

When I moved to the city and got married, Mary Ann and I lived in some apartments near Stone Mountain Park which had a really nice lake. I used to come home from my accounting job, change out of my suit, pick up the fishing gear, and head over for 30 minutes of bass fishing before dusk.

Each time I went, I would ask Mary Ann if she wanted to come along, and the answer was always, “no, you go ahead!”

On this day, however, she said yes.

So, off to the park, we went! We stopped on the side of the road and took a short walk through the woods to the lake.


Bass fishing is done by casting along the shoreline in shallow water. But, we couldn’t both do that so I set up Mary Ann with a plastic worm and a large weight on her spinner, and helped her cast it straight out in the lake. I explained that all she needed to do from there was to slowly reel in the line and then throw it back out.

There. That would take care of her while I do some real bass fishing.

I quickly disappeared along the wooded path along the lake to the better fishing spot for more experienced fishermen.

Thirty minutes later, I had a couple of bites, but no fish to show for it.

Since it would be getting dark soon, I decided to head back and see how Mary Ann was doing. Surely she had the same luck as me.

As I came out of the woods to the clearing, what do you think I see? Mary Ann standing there with her spinner rod pointed up and a big bass flip-flopping on the ground!

“What do I do now?” she said.

Talk About a BIG Fish!

fishing rod fishy stories

So Mary Ann and I were fishing at a country pond. It was getting to be late afternoon, which meant time to bass fish.


I planned to go along the pond’s edge fishing for bass. Mary Ann needed something to do, so I rigged up a spinner with a Jitterbug lure (the type that wobbles back and forth across the top of the water).

Planning to keep her clear of my fishing grounds, I say, “Throw it over there, towards the other side of the pond by those cattails.”

Mary Ann says, “Um, where?”

At that time, three cows were walking along a path on the other side of the pond going to wherever cows go at the end of the day. I said, “Over there, by the cows!”

Mary Ann reared back and slung that Jitterbug lure with a mighty sling. The lure sailed high in the air and took off.

It landed on the cow’s back!

The cow keeps strolling down the path, not minding one bit while the fishing line is reeling off.

Mary Ann handed the spinner to me, saying, “Here!”


The cow continued down the path, with the Jitterbug riding along.

We ran out of line a few moments later, and well, our fishing trip was over.

Originally published October 26, 2023


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