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4 Reasons Why Suburban Retirement Might Be For You

Baby Boomers are putting a lot of thought into the question of where to retire. Many think about retiring to a small town and there are many advantages to it! Big city living is also becoming a popular idea. But, let’s talk about suburban retirement. Is it for you? Here are a few reasons it might just be the choice for me!

Reasons Why Suburban Retirement Might Be For You

Aging In Place

Since many of us currently live in the suburbs, we could just age in place. It’s probably less stressful than moving to an all-new area. And, there’s a certain comfort in staying in a familiar place. Also, think about how many resources for help are available these days. Home care services and aging-in-place specialists can be great supports as you age!

Maintain Current Relationships

If we stay put, we’re closer to our friends, associates, and organizations we belong to. I, personally, am part of a few Meetup groups in my community and I enjoy working part-time at a consulting job. Leaving the suburbs may mean leaving all of that behind.


Nearby Conveniences

In our suburb, I have a Kroger, Publix, and Whole Foods within 3 miles of my home. Not bad! There’s also an active adult center nearby and a gym only 5 minutes away. It seems like everything we need is just right outside our door already! We have great restaurants that are really close and even 2 regional hospitals.

Entertainment Is Easy To Find

Entertainment is easily accessible. In my community, there are live music venues, concert halls, theaters, amphitheaters, and sports venues. And, a trip to the city for bigger venues only takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

Is Suburban Retirement For You?

As it turns out – what I have been searching for may be right here at my doorstep.  What about you? Are you going to move for retirement?

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Originally published July 07, 2022

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