Senior Resources » 5 Cruising Tips for Boomers

5 Cruising Tips for Boomers

Did you know that a quarter of American citizens have taken cruises? This cruising expert would wager that a lot of those citizens were probably Boomers! Cruises certainly are fun, but there are ways you can make them even more enjoyable. Here are 5 cruising tips, from one Boomer to another.


1. Cruise ships change.

Equinox used to be our favorite ship. But something happened. Between cruises, things changed. Usually, the upper lawn areas are dotted with staff members, but not the last time we went. So, pro tip—don’t expect all your cruises to be like the previous ones. Have an open mind and be prepared to go with the flow!

2. Take the time to socialize.

On many cruises, the best part is meeting new people. Unless the cruise is port-intensive, you’ll have time to socialize. Meeting new people is easy, but make sure you’re actually taking the social opportunities that come your way! Who knows? You make just make some new, lifelong friends.


3. Too much of a good thing is bad.

When you first get on a cruise ship, you’ll love to eat and maybe drink too much. By about Day 4, things start to catch up with you. Trust my advice on this. Pace yourself, or else your good time might turn bad.

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4. Get enough sleep.

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Speaking of things catching up to you, a lack of sleep will! When you’re on a cruise, it can be tempting to stay up as late as possible. You’ll want to go, go, go. There’s much to do that you’ll want to experience everything! However, you can’t have fun if you’re running on sleep fumes. Make sure that you’re still getting enough sleep. Trust me—you’ll be glad you do.

5. Taking too many cruises back-to-back will lead to burnout.

Unfortunately, I’m speaking from bitter experience. This is, in fact, where I am now. After taking a 14-day cruise in September and an 11-day cruise in December, I decided to cancel my California Coast Cruise. That’s a little too much cruising for one Boomer! And while I may groan at the sight of a cruise ship now, the urge will come back. It always does.


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Originally published April 19, 2023

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