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Adult Day Care Centers Near Honolulu: Top 5!

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Did you know that nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 or older are considered socially isolated? The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! Adult day care centers exist to help older adults make the social connections they crave. As a matter of fact, studies show that seniors who attend these centers even have a better quality of life! If you’re an older adult from Hawaii, you’ll want to stick around for this article. Here are the top FIVE highest-rated adult day care centers near Honolulu.


1. Furukawa Living Treasure Senior Activity Center

What it is: An adult day care program in Honolulu.

Features we love: Furukawa Living Treasure has been taking care of older adults in Honolulu for over 20 years. We’re confident when we say they know what they’re doing. After all, they were the first adult day care center in Honolulu! Participants can enjoy both outdoor and indoor exercise programs, as well as nutritious snacks and meals.

What others are saying: Furukawa Living Treasure has 5 stars on Google, where users praised the warm, friendly environment and wonderful staff.

2. Beckwith Hillside Adult Day Care and Adult Residential Care Home

What it is: A residential care home and adult day care program in Manoa, 12 minutes from Honolulu.

Features we love: Beckwith Hillside knows that wellness doesn’t just refer to your physical health. It encompasses your mental and spiritual health, too! As such, their day care program caters to all aspects of one’s well-being. You can sing, enjoy fun games, and make new friends—all in an idyllic island setting.

What others are saying: 5 stars for Beckwith Hillside on both Google and Yelp!


3. Hale Hau’oli Hawai’i Adult Day Care

What it is: An adult day care program in Aiea.

Features we love: Did you know that “Hale Hau’oli” means happy place? That’s exactly what this adult day care center strives to be! From field trips to arts and crafts hour to music therapy, they offer a wide range of activities for older adults of every age and physical activity level. They even have accommodations for participants who might need a little extra help with medication or getting around the facility. A happy place, indeed!

What others are saying: Hale Hau’oli has an almost-5-star rating on Google, where reviews praised the caring staff and clean facilities!

4. Windward Senior Day Care Center

What it is: An adult day care program in Kailua, a suburb of Honolulu.

Features we love: What does Windward have that other adult day care programs don’t? Over 40 years’ experience and pet therapy! Nestled beneath the shade of a large tree, it offers free parking and round-trip transportations along with a myriad of other fun activities.

What others are saying: Google users praised the safe environment and wonderful entertainment at Windward.

5. Live Well at Iwilei

What it is: A senior wellness center with an adult day care program in Honolulu.

Features we love: This state-licensed wellness center provides a wide range of wellness services, including a continental breakfast prepared in-house and personal care assistance. Nurse aides are always around to attend to every medical need, so participants can enjoy themselves without fear. To find out even more about this great facility, check out the monthly calendar of activities HERE.

What others are saying: Live Well at Iwilei was met with high praise from Google reviewers, who say the caregivers are kind and loving and the activities fun!

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Originally published May 02, 2023

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