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Adult Day Care Near Los Angeles: Our Top EIGHT Recommendations!

Everyone feels lonely from time to time, especially seniors. It’s difficult to know where to go to make friends. And, for older adults with health issues or lack of transportation, it can be that much harder! Fortunately, adult day care centers exist to help seniors make the social connections they crave in a safe, healthy environment. Studies even show that older adults who attend these centers have a better quality of life. If you’re an older adult living in California, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top eight highest-rated adult day care centers near Los Angeles.


1. OPICA Adult Day Care, Los Angeles

OPICA Adult Day Care (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: An adult day program and counseling center right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Features we love: OPICA offers its adult day program both in-person and over Zoom. Activities include art therapy, yoga, love music and entertainment, Nisei cultural groups, and more! The monthly calendar of virtual day program activities is available on their website.

What others are saying: OPICA is rated 5 stars on both Google and Yelp. Reviews praise the optimistic staff and warm, caring environment.


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2. Adult Day Program at Mount of Olives Church, Mission Viejo

senior frienda playing cards
Adult Day Program at Mount of Olives Church (Mission Viejo, CA)

What it is: A social adult day center for seniors and disabled adults in Los Angeles.

Features we love: Mount of Olives offers adult day care programs with a spiritual twist. For over thirty years, they’ve been providing a safe, fun, and healthy environment for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive impairment. Participants can enjoy supervised strolls around the campus, mental stimulation activities, and snacks!

What others are saying: Rated 5 stars on both Facebook and Yelp, loved ones were thankful for fantastic activities, friendly staff, and welcoming environment.


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3. Salida Del Sol ADHC, Long Beach

Salida Del Sol ADHC (Long Beach, CA)

What it is: Adult day health care services and skilled nursing in Long Beach, California.

Features we love:  Salida Del Sol offers a variety of services, from nutritional counseling to occupational and speech therapy. Of course, they want you to have fun, too! Participants can also join a Bible study, take a dancing class, or learn how to use smart devices. Round trip transportation is provided for free.

What others are saying: Facebook users gave Salida Del Sol 5 stars. On Google, reviewers say the facility is clean and the staff attentive.

4. El Camino Adult Day Health Care Center, Gardena

El Camino Adult Day Health Care Center (Gardena, CA)

What it is: A community-based adult services center in Los Angeles County.

Features we love: El Camino is more than an adult day care center. In addition to recreational programs, they also offer social services, occupational and physical therapy, and skilled nursing. Birthday parties and holiday celebrations, complete with a DJ and mariachi band, are held monthly.

What others are saying: Participants commented on the spacious facility and delicious food. El Camino currently has 5 stars on Google.

5. Healthy Aging Center: Laguna Woods, Laguna Woods

senior couple wearing eyeglasses
Healthy Aging Center: Laguna Woods (Laguna Woods, CA)

What it is: Adult day care center providing social and health care programs in Laguna Woods.

Features we love: Healthy Aging Center is a licensed adult day care center that’s been serving South Orange County for over twenty years. Their staff is prepared to meet a variety of needs, including memory care for participants with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Caregivers are always welcome to join their support group, where they can receive free educational resources and emotional support.

What others are saying: 4.8 stars for Healthy Aging Center on Google, where many reviewers commented on the friendly, warm staff. Healthy Aging Center also boasts a 5-star rating on Facebook.

6. F&F Adult Day Healthcare Center, Long Beach

community group
F&F Adult Day Healthcare Center (Long Beach, CA)

What it is: An adult day health care center for the elderly and disabled adults.

Features we love: On top of recreational programs and skilled nursing, F&F offers substance abuse counseling and lifelong learning classes, among other great services. Amenities include nutritious meals and free transportation to and from the facility.

What others are saying: Facebook users gave F&F 5 stars! Reviewers say their experience was positive and fun!

7. Alzheimer’s Family Center, Huntington Beach

adult day care
Alzheimer's Family Center (Huntington Beach, CA)

What it is: Adult day care program and health care services in Orange County, California.

Features we love: There are plenty of socialization opportunities at Alzheimer’s Family Center! Participants can enjoy brain-stimulating activities like trivia time, karaoke, and craft hour. And while the fun quota will certainly be met, health is a top priority, too! AFC also offers physical therapy and fall prevention classes.

What others are saying: Loved ones of participants say the staff at AFC is compassionate, attentive, and friendly. They also noted that the facility is clean and beautiful.

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8. 2nd Century Adult Day Healthcare, Los Angeles

2nd Century Adult Day Healthcare (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: An adult day health care center for seniors and disabled adults in Los Angeles, California.

Features we love: Whether you’re looking for new friends or need physical therapy, you can find it at 2nd Century. They offer door-to-door transportation and English language classes, along with nutritious meals and snacks.

What others are saying: 2nd Century is rated 5 stars on Facebook. Loved ones and participants say the facility has a warm, welcoming environment with a wonderful staff.

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Originally published September 16, 2022

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