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Top 10 Highest-Rated Housekeeping & Cleaning Services Near Los Angeles

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Running a house is a full-time job, even for retirees. There are times you might not have the time and energy to keep up with all your housework. Of course, you could always ask friends and family to help you banish those stubborn dust bunnies from your home, but there’s an even better option. If you need somebody to clean those hard-to-reach nooks, crannies, and crevices in your home, let the professionals lend a helping hand! Here are the top 10 housekeeping and cleaning services near Los Angeles.


1 – Hercules Cleaning Services (Los Angeles, CA)

Hercules Cleaning Services (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: Commercial and residential cleaning in Los Angeles.

Features we love: A great and affordable deep cleaning service isn’t the stuff of legends, and Hercules Cleaning is here to prove just that! Whether you need a maid to declutter your house or a crew of highly skilled cleaning professions to tackle a post-construction clean-up, Hercules is ready to charge into the fray.

What others are saying: It’s unanimous—5 stars for Hercules on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Customers say they’re reliable and thorough and highly recommended their services to others.


2 – Fresh Nest (Los Angeles, CA)

Fresh Nest (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: Residential, event, and commercial cleaning in Los Angeles, California.

Features we love: Sure, Fresh Nest offers residential and commercial cleaning for your home and office, but they also provide event services. Throwing a birthday bash and worried about setting up decorations? Or hiring friendly servers and bussers? Or whipping the venue back into event-ready shape after the party’s over? Fresh Nest can help with all those things and more!

What others are saying: Yelp users gave Fresh Nest 5 stars. Reviews praise their all-nature cleaning products, responsible staff, and efficiency.

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3 – Maid for LA (Los Angeles, CA)

Maid for LA (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: Commercial, residential, and specialty cleaning services in the heart of Los Angeles.

Features we love: This family-owned business offers green cleaning and convenience in the form of easy scheduling and a 24-hour customer service line. Their special HEPA filter vacuum cleans not only dirt and grime but the tiny particles and allergens that live in your home, as well.

What others are saying: 5 stars for Maid for LA on Google, where reviews commend the staff’s thorough, no-holds-barred approach to cleaning.

4 – Sparkling House 4 You (Los Angeles, CA)

Sparkling House 4 You (Los Angeles, CA)


What it is: Eco-friendly cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces.

Features we love: Sparkling House 4 You offers a wide range of services, from home and office to deep steam cleaning. To view the entire list of services or before and after photo galleries, visit their website.

What others are saying: Not only were customers satisfied with the excellent cleaning services, but they were also impressed by the staff’s enthusiasm, kindness, and work ethic. Sparkling House 4 You has a 4.9-star rating on both Google and TrustAnalytica.

5 – Style House Cleaning (Los Angeles, CA)

Style House Cleaning (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: Residential cleaning in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Features we love: When you book a cleaning session with Style House, you’re in control. You get to choose the time, services, and even type of cleaning products you want their professional stylists to use. And, if you book within 30 days of the first cleaning, you’ll receive a special rate for the second one!

What others are saying: Many customers praised the easy communication and booking through the Style House’s website. Others were happy with the stylists’ punctuality and flexibility, noting their active listening skills.

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6 – Rocket Maids LA (Los Angeles, California)

Rocket Maids LA (Los Angeles, California)

What it is: Maid service and house cleaning referral agency in Los Angeles, California.

Features we love: Apartments, homes, Airbnbs—Rocket Maids LA can help you clean them all! They bring the supplies and only hire cleaning professionals who’ve passed thorough background and reference checks. If you like their cleaning services, you can even purchase gift cards for your family and friends!

What others are saying: Convenience and availability were common themes among reviewers on Google, where Rocket Maids LA holds an almost-5-star rating. Customers also were pleased with the reasonable prices.


7 – Bright N Fresh (Los Angeles, CA)

Bright N Fresh (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: Home and office cleaning in Orange County.

Features we love: There’s cleaning, and then there’s cleaning the Bright N Fresh way. You can always hire someone to mop and dust, but Bright N Fresh’s cleaning crew will also dust your picture frames, do your laundry, and clean the inside of your microwave. And if your cubicle needs a little sprucing, you’re in luck—they offer commercial cleaning, too!

What others are saying: Bright N Fresh is a 5-star rated business on Bark. Customers appreciate the amazing customer service and professionalism.

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8 – The Maids (Los Angeles, CA)

The Maids (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: Home, small business, event, and seasonal cleaning in Los Angeles.

Features we love: It’s not an exaggeration to say The Maids do it all. From one-time home decluttering to same-day cleaning, there’s no limit to what they can do! Their 22-Step Cleaning Process ensures they’ll get the job done right. And if you’re not one hundred percent satisfied, they’ll clean your home again for free.

What others are saying: Google reviewers say their home sparkled after the cleaning crew left. The Better Business Bureau gave The Maids an A+ rating.

9 – Casa Fantastic (Beverly Hills, CA)

Casa Fantastic (Beverly Hills, CA)

What it is: Residential, commercial, and other cleaning services in Los Angeles County.

Features we love: If you need luxury cleaning services for your home or office, Casa Fantastic is the business to call. Their highly trained staff can tackle any job, including post-construction and move-out/move-in cleaning services. Visit their website to request a quote or read customer testimonials.

What others are saying: Casa Fantastic is rated 4.9 stars on Google, where reviewers raved about the efficiency, amazing service, and excellent quality.

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10 – Madison’s Cleaning Service (Los Angeles, CA)

Madison's Cleaning Service (Los Angeles, CA)

What it is: Eco-friendly residential and commercial cleaning in the heart of Los Angeles.

Features we love: Madison’s Cleaning Service is deep cleaning for the environmentally conscious. They only use eco-friendly, all-natural products, with NO dangerous chemicals. Booking through their website is fast and easy, and you can schedule a cleaning for your home, small business, or Airbnb!

What others are saying: Customers say their cleaner was friendly and communicative, with a can-do attitude. Madison’s currently sits at a 5-star rating on Yelp.

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