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Creating Fine Dining for Era Living

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Tae Fant, Senior Dining Services Director at Era Living, joins Suzanne to talk about creating a Fine Dining Experience in a Retirement Community. She’s based at Era Living’s University House Wallingford community.


Tae says, “Everyone’s perception of fine dining is different. For me, it’s a high quality service that usually incorporates multiple courses and formal settings. And when I mean formal settings, it’s silverware, it’s fine china, it’s the table linen… The servers are trained to create those experiences: friendly, personalized, memorable, that’s what we want. This is the residents’ home, they should always feel welcome and cared for. And for my staff, they always want to be warm, inviting and highly attentive.”

She adds, “By the time you move in, we’re already going to know your name. So we’re going to figure you out really quick, they’ll seat you with like minded people or re-introduce you to the table and then once you’re sat down, my staff members will come and introduce themselves. My staff are here to guide you through the the dining experience. We want to be patient, courteous, we’re here for you. Not everybody wants to utilize the fitness center, or go on a trip, or always need health advice, but everybody’s got to eat, everybody’s gonna come visit us. So we get to form those great experiences with them. And that’s when my staff do learn your preferences such as this person always has cranberry juice, or their BLT has to be toasted on sourdough. It’s very specific, all those little details.”


There’s more about Era Living at Answers for Elders and at University House Wallingford is located at 4400 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103, and can be reached at (253) 765-9985.

Originally published May 25, 2023

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