Senior Resources » Escape the Ordinary! Revealing the 5 Reasons We Traded Our Suburban Life for a 55+ Active Adult Community

Escape the Ordinary! Revealing the 5 Reasons We Traded Our Suburban Life for a 55+ Active Adult Community

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After spending more than twenty years in a suburban neighborhood, my wife and I chose to turn the page and start a fresh chapter of our lives in a Del Webb Active Adult Community. This significant shift has afforded us a distinctive viewpoint on the advantages and rewards that come with residing in a 55+ active adult community, as opposed to a conventional suburban setting. In this article, I’m excited to share our personal experiences and insights, offering you an intimate glimpse into the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that active adult living provides.


1. Friendlier Atmosphere

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One of the first things we noticed upon moving to our new community was the friendliness that permeated every corner. People here greet you with smiles, wave as you pass by, and often engage in pleasant conversations. Neighbors frequently extend invitations for dinner, fostering a sense of warmth and camaraderie. Perhaps it’s the unhurried pace of life or the shared understanding of navigating the same life stage that creates this undeniable bond among residents. But, no matter what the reason – we just love it!

2. Abundant Activities


True to its name, a 55+ active adult community offers a plethora of activities to keep residents engaged and entertained. Whether you enjoy playing games, participating in group activities, or simply pursuing your interests, there’s always something happening. From bocce and pickleball to tennis courts and fishing in a nearby lake, the options are endless. There’s a well-equipped clubhouse featuring indoor and outdoor pools, a ballroom, a demonstration kitchen, craft rooms, card rooms, a library, an exercise room, a dog park, a playground for grandkids, walking trails, and wide sidewalks. There’s no shortage of things to do!


3. Convenient Amenities

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These communities often boast an impressive array of on-site facilities and amenities, making daily life more convenient and enjoyable. Access to medical services is typically close at hand, with hospitals and medical buildings nearby. These amenities cater to the unique needs and desires of residents, ensuring a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle.

4. Diverse and Interesting Neighbors

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Living in a 55+ active adult community opens the door to a world of intriguing individuals. It’s a pleasant surprise to meet talented and interesting people from various walks of life. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences enriches the community’s social fabric, creating a vibrant tapestry of personalities.

5. Year-Round Fun

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Life in a 55+ community is synonymous with fun. Monthly calendars brim with events, ranging from captivating shows like ventriloquists and live bands to resident performances. The community often organizes day trips to exciting destinations, making exploration a group endeavor. Team sports, card games, and table games cater to a wide range of interests. The result? Every day feels like a vacation, and the community remains fresh and exhilarating.

Additional Benefits:

  • Landscaping is included, so you can say goodbye to mowing your lawn.
  • Enhanced security with manned security gates.
  • Discounts at local restaurants for residents.
  • Convenient transportation options within the community, such as walking or using golf carts.
  • Reliable neighbors who are there when you need them.
  • A strong sense of safety.
  • Energy-efficient homes designed with seniors in mind.
  • A resort-like ambiance that fosters a luxurious lifestyle.

Why We Traded Our Suburban Life for a 55+ Active Adult Community

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Living in a 55+ Active Adult Community has brought us immeasurable joy and a newfound appreciation for the perks and benefits that come with it. We often wonder why we didn’t make this transition sooner. The sense of community, abundance of activities, and convenience of amenities make it an enticing choice for those in their golden years.


If you’re contemplating a similar move, don’t hesitate to explore the wonderful world of active adult living – it might just be the best decision you ever make!

Originally published September 26, 2023

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