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How to Prepare for a Longer Retirement


Learn the ways you can prepare for a longer retirement in this episode of Retirement for Real. 

Topics covered: 

  • Facts of life expectancy
  • Working longer to prepare for 30+ years in retirement 
  • Health and social benefits of working longer
  • Benefits of delaying Social Security 
  • Deferred annuities 
  • Plan for inflation and increased healthcare costs

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Retirement for Real with Lena Armuth

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Retirement for Real is an investment podcast helping retirees make sensible financial decisions in retirement. Lena Armuth, a former first-grade teacher and current fee-only financial advisor, is your host. Join her to learn all about investing for and in retirement. Nothing fancy. No overly complicated or complex solutions. Just the fundamentals explained in a way that is simple to comprehend.

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Originally published March 21, 2023


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