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Is Small Town Retirement for You?

Some people who are looking forward to retirement have their sights set on adventure and travel. Others may enjoy the hustle and bustle of big-city living and enjoy the cultural pursuits they never had time for during their working years. Many though, would like nothing better than to just relax in a quiet, homey environment with friendly neighbors and low stress. If this is you, then small-town retirement may offer the peace and quiet you seek, as well as a surprising number of other benefits! Here are some perks of small-town retirement for you to consider!


Lower Housing Costs

Rural land is generally less expensive than land in urban areas. Homes usually cost less to build and property taxes are significantly lower.

Lower Cost of Living

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Although some groceries and household items cost a bit more outside of urban areas, most other daily living expenses are lower. This includes utilities, insurance, home maintenance, and even car repair.


Lower Crime Rates

With less-concentrated populations, small towns avoid much of the crime you might experience in big cities.

Natural Settings

If you love the outdoors, then you’re in luck. Small towns usually have natural landscapes. You could even plant your own garden to reap more benefits from the time you spend outdoors.


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Unlike living in the city, you don’t hear “noise pollution” such as sirens, yelling, traffic, horns, and the general rumble of thousands of people living in close quarters. The lights you see at night come from the moon and stars instead of over-glow from neon signs, traffic lights, street lamps, and headlights. The reduced sound and light distractions can lead to less stress, and an improved ability to relax and sleep.

Small-Town Retirement Is More Personable

People in the small towns seem to be more friendly.  They say HI to you on the street. Some people are more accessible to you, for example, you can even phone up your mayor or state representative and talk.


Retirement Communities or Small Town Retirement?

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Many small towns have 55+ retirement communities within their borders or just outside of town. Even if you choose to live in your own home outside of a retirement community, small towns may provide similar benefits: a close-knit community, helpful and friendly neighbors with similar lifestyles, and a town center where you can engage in social activities. For a retiree seeking rest and relaxation, a small-town retirement is definitely a lifestyle worth considering!

Originally published October 12, 2023


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