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It’s Showtime!

It's Showtime!

It’s Showtime, our very own community-run club, brings quality, affordable activities, events, and entertainment for us residents of The Village at Deaton Creek. Fellow residents Sally and Sean Austin started and now run It’s Showtime.


An Activity and Entertainment

It’s Showtime often brings in outside entertainers. I’ve seen a whole slew of talented performers do their thing, right in my very own community clubhouse. However, this weekend, our neighbors actually provided the entertainment.

Saturday night, my wife Mary Ann and I went to see the comedy play Funny Little Thing Called Love. One thing is certain. Our community has talent! Everyone did an absolutely phenomenal job and really sold their performance.


16 Actors

Earlier in the day, I was talking to Bill, an actor, at the gym and told him we were going to see the play that night. He told me he got some training by taking Bert Emma’s “Theater 101” workshop. He learned about the timing and delivery of his. “Learning the acting craft is challenging,” Bill stated, “but interesting.”

Meanwhile, other actors had previous acting experience in their high school or college theater. A few of the actors have been in several of the seven past productions, but this year’s play included several new actors who really shined. In fact, a handufl played different character in two of the six scenes!

All of the actors said it was fun and encouraged other residents to give the dramatic arts a try.

I was almost tempted to do exactly that.


It Takes a Village

Do you know how in movie credits there are hundreds of supporting people listed?  Same thing with a play.

In addition to the actors, there are directors, costume designers, makeup artists, and more! And, of course, people design sets, obtain props, and even change the sets between scenes.

Think that’s it?

Not by a long shot.

There’s hospitality, ticket sales, videography, ushers, and more!


Well, there’s a lot to this theater stuff, that’s for sure! It certainly takes a lot of effort from a lot of different folks.

Everyone involved with this production was a resident, except Allen Story, the director. He has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Brenau University. Mary Ann and I have seen several there.

What a wonderful event all the way around for the residents of our community!

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Originally published September 22, 2023

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