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Let Nature Help You Rest Today

As a child, I remember spending a lot of time outside. Nature is relaxing. When birds sing, I find joy in the sound.


Have you ever sat quietly watching birds fly from tree to tree?

They seem so free; so at peace.


Then, as the sun goes down, a full piece of foliage becomes their home for the evening as they sing their last song for the day.

After rain falls, their sound is strong; even uplifting.

The crisp air after a storm is fresh and filled with a certain tranquility.

You know, walking is pretty good for us. And, there’s a world of nature to be enjoyed while taking a leisurely walk in a park, along a river, around a pond, on a beach, or even in your own backyard.


Have you ever just sat and watched the sky?

clouds in the sky

The fluffy white clouds move around while forming different shapes. You can see pictures of animals, people, and objects in their formations. The clouds float, separate, and lazily cover the sun for fleeting moments, as a cooling effect touches your body. Now and then, you can see a bird gliding in the air as it stretches its wings.

The world feels at peace to me when I watch the sky.

The smell of roses, honeysuckles, and lilacs calm my stressful mind.

Have you ever picked an orange from a tree and squeezed the juice right into your mouth? The taste is sweet and delicious as the juice touches your tongue. Your senses come alive with the freshest of the wonderful smell and tastes. It is as though you can almost feel the vibrating energy flow from the orange into your body with every bite. It makes me feel alive!


Have you ever experienced a Spring shower while walking in the woods or maybe just sitting in a park? It comes on quickly but doesn’t last long. The rain is light as it falls upon the leaves of the trees and grass.

The grass and leaves come alive with a richer shade of green. Squirrels and rabbits come out of their hiding places to do a happy dance when it stops. The wind lazily blows the leaves across the ground, rearranging its surroundings.

There is a world of beauty for us to enjoy outside in nature. It is peaceful, relaxing, and breathtaking at times. It’s there for you and me to enjoy.

canaries resting in nature

It costs nothing but is worth so much.

It can help us to see through the eyes of a child and feel young at heart. Our pleasures are many if we just take the time to look around, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Have you given yourself a healthy break today?

Have you taken the time to take your brain for a much-needed loving and peaceful walk? It’s not too late.


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Originally published October 17, 2023


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