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Mission Healthcare with Dell Workman

Dell Workman, administrator at Careage–Mission Healthcare, talks about their Renton, WA location.

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This is a special presentation of answers for elders with carriage and welcome back everyone to the program we are here with two brand new guests, but not a brand new company. Is from Careage. We’re very excited about a brand new mission healthcare that will be opening and rent in and we have our executive director, Mr. Dell Workman, who is there, as well as Ashika, who is the director of Business Development and marketing. And there you guys are both here to talk about some grow very, very big news. So welcome both of you to the program thank you for pleased to be here. Thank you and you know soon. I know that Renton is such an important area. There’s a lot of seniors in that area and I know that there’s a very active senior center. Valley General Hospital is there. Of course, the the VMAC is there. There’s all kinds of things that happen in Renton and mission healthcare has already been a very successful, long standing rehabilitative skilled nursing facility in Bellevue. So I’m excited that you guys are branching out and opening and Renton. So that’s really cool. Dell, tell me a little bit about you know the services of mission healthcare. Mission health care has been a proud part of the east side for the last twenty two years. We have led the post acute care services in the area. We have a proud history of of serving our senior population. We at this time recognize that we have what we’ve been able to do in the Bellevue area is missing in the south sound absolutely and it’s so important that that you know that there are those kind of facilities and you know a lot of types. People they think of, quote unquote, a skilled nursing community is like a quote unquote nursing home, and yet that’s not necessarily the case. There’s a lot of extra types of facilities and and therapies there for people. It’s almost like to me it’s a get well center and it’s to maintain the quality of a senior’s life for as long as possible, no matter where they are in that recovery period. And I think you know, depending on the different types of care, we can talk about it, but oftentimes when a senior is let’s say, breaks a hip or where they have a heart attack or something like that, they don’t stay in the hospital very long anymore. What happens is is they are transferred to what we call a Rehab Center. Ash You could tell me a little bit about what is a Rehab Center for our listeners? Sure a rehab centers really a place that does a comprehensive assessment of your strength, your areas of improvement and provides reckon recommendations to that the patient for their family on what they can do to live as independently as possible and as safely impossible as possible in the community of their choice. We also provide the treatment to help them on their path to recovery and then we also have services that we could connect to them after their stay right right to help them continue living a fulfilling life right and and a lot of times what I think of, you know, is let’s say Mom or dad falls and breaks a hit. Okay, they are going to have to learn to do a lot of things over again, not only where. They probably need to learn how to sit better or just be more mindful of how they’re moving their body, and I think that’s a big piece of it. They’re going to have to rehabilitate muscles, especially when, many cases they’ve been laying in bed for a period of time. So there’s, you know, my hustles go, you know, very quickly. It’s amazing how quick that the muscle, you know, quality goes down. And and then the other thing, I think, just overall wellness. It’s like, what were, you know, they were probably a fall risk to begin with, and so we look at therapies like fall prevention, different types of things that your therapist that you have on staff can actually help families with understanding, you know, all the things that need to happen, and I think that’s the great thing about a center like mission healthcare. Now, what have you found is most valued for, you know, the families that come to your facility? Healthcare has changed so much over the last several years. Families are looking with a center like commission for a place to continue the recovery from an event that that brought their loved one to a hospital. Sure, the hospitals stay is shortening, but folks leaving the hospital are not necessarily ready to go back to a prior living arrangement, whether that be home or a senior living center. Right. We we fill that in be tween knee. Yeah, and and I think that’s what families, what patients are, are looking for. How do I extend what started in a hospital so that when I return to a prior living arrangement I can function at the highest possible level. Well, I think to is any time your parent needs twenty four hour care, and especially in a situation where you know they may be recovering from surgery, they may be dealing with a heart attack or everything anything like that, they may not be able to go back home because they don’t have the care factor. This is an option that’s a hundred percent paid for by Medicare for, I think it’s about six weeks worth of coverage if needed. Is that correct? About it coverages covers for about six weeks. Is that? Medicare will cover skill nursing for up to one hundred days if you meet the criteria. Okay, and that criteria is pretty clear. Daily, I be’s daily wound care, adjusting blood sugar, heart medicine that needs to be monitored by an MD, participating in Rehab and making functional games and Rehab Right. The Medicare will cover a hundred percent for the first twenty days. Wonder on Day Twenty one, moving forward they will cover eighty percent and most people have a secondary insurance that comes in and they pick up that twenty percent, which a really important by the way, everyone, if you’re listening to the show and if if you know you’re on Medicare and do not have a supplemental and Pol Insurance Policy, I cannot even begin to say how important it is that you have that. For sure. So, so then what happens is is, so, let’s say mom or dad breaks their hit. They’re going to have physical therapy. What del what is involved in in physical therapy? What kinds of things do a physical therapist help them with? Strengthening have large muscle groups, regaining balance, regaining the ability or strengthening the gate the walking? That’s what a lot of physical therapy and then also occupational therapy helps them, basically with their day to day movement. You know, how they’re sitting, how they’re standing, is it? Is that correct? Yes, what we call activities of daily living, right, feeding, grooming, dressing, bathing. So you guys are just kind of coaches to get them on the truck again. Is that correct? I think that’s a good description. I would think that. So we are talking with Dell workmen and we are talking to Ashika in it’s cocoa coin. Is That for Colin. Colin there, I was looking at your name tag and I couldn’t quite read it there. And both of you are very excited. We’re going to be opening up a brand new mission healthcare. And where’s that going to be located? Exactly where is it located? We are located about three quarters of a mile from Valley Hospital Medical Center at one four, two zero, one hundred and sixth place southeast in Renton and this is a brand new facility that will be opening on August first, two thousand and eighteen. So that’s very exciting. It’s just in our it’s it’s imminent, as we say. So what kind of activities do you have planned for the opening? We will have a large open house September, Uh Huh, or the public. Prior to that, we will have what I will call soft or small open houses for some of the hospital organizations, discharge planners. Nice, Nice, and obviously with the same value system that we so admire that carriage has and the kind of company that carriage is, not only so much for our seniors and also for our veterans. The commitment that your company does have and not to not to just diminish anything, but really no matter what they’re you know, as a seniors help do youngins to decline and they need more care. You’re there also for a long term facility. Is that correct? Yes, so wins as seniors in skilled nursing. What does that look like, Ashika? What are the criteria that you look for with the senior that would be a good fit for a skilled nursing situation? Someone who’s wanting to live as independently as possible, who’s wanting to learn how to use different devices to help them live as independently as possible, who are needing, you know, physical therapy, occupational therapy, even speech language therapy to help strengthen their muscles and and there their activities of daily living. I always said say to families want if you if you close the door and leave mom or dad by themselves, and I don’t care if you leave for an hour, if there’s a concern, that’s the time to look at skilled nursing because it’s truly hands on, twenty four hour care for your loved one. Certainly we want seniors to live independently as long as possible, but sometimes, obviously later in their decline, that isn’t the case. They need need much more, you know, involved care, and that’s one of the things that mission health care, I think, does so well for seniors is gives them that kind of, you know, quality of life at the end of their life. And then you guys are really involved, I’m sure, in in practices of what we call Palliative Care, which means, you know, keeping your loved one comfortable as long as possible before you know they’re they’re not going to get any better. But one of the Nice things about it is is you have medical staff that are there that can help them with their quality of life and then also, I’m sure, hospice care correct. So those are wonderful types of things. So how do we reach to currently the contact information you can call us at four two, five, three two, four, five two, nine two. That will take you directly to Miss Ashika. Yes, feel free to call. I look forward to talking with you. Well, we’re very excited to have you guys here. And would you stand for another segment? Yes, sure. Well, this has been a special presentation of answers for elders with Careage. For more information for carriage, go to That’s


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Originally published June 23, 2018

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