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Rehabilitative Care at Warm Beach Senior Community, with Scott Ernst

The Warm Beach Senior Community provides post acute and rehabilitative care following hospitalization. Scott Ernst says they fulfill the need for skilled nursing and rehab for therapies — on hips, knees, joints, legs — to get a person back to the quality of life to resume their regular lives. Scott Ernst describes various aspects of care, including physical, occupational and speech/language therapies, pain management, and wound care. The Warm Beach Senior Community is located in Stanwood, Washington.

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The following podcast is provided by care partners living and answers for elders radio. Welcome everyone to answers for elders radio and I am here with a very special guest courtesy wonderful care partners senior living, Mr Scott Ernst from warm beach senior community. And you guys do post acute and Rehab Care and you’re out and warm beach. Isn’t that down by Stanwood? Or by Stanwood? Yeah, Stanwood, Washington. Yeah, and like beautiful area, by the way, because aren’t you? Aren’t you like near where Camano Island is kind of some we are. Yeah, we are tied by one road to Camano Island. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Great Community and a great, beautiful, beautiful territory up there, for sure. We sit on ninety acres. It’s beautiful. Oh my gosh, that’s great. So, Scott, you’re here courtesy of care partners and I love it when Kelly Smith from care partners calls and says, Susanne, I have somebody that I really want you to meet and you know, I want him to have one of my segments for the month and I’m just went you know what, Kelly, I’m thrilled to meet you and you guys do some amazing things with Rehab and talking about Rehab for a list listeners. What does that mean if you’re a post acute facility? What does that actually mean? Well, that’s where we feel the need after a hospitalization, for skilled nursing Rehab, for therapies and regards to hips, joints links in that area, where we’re hopefully getting that person back to the quality of life, where they can get back to life and get back into the world well, and I think we don’t spend enough time talking about this topic because the world is changed. When I was a child, there wasn’t any such thing really as a quote Unquote Rehab, at least that I remember. I remember you would stay in the hospital for like days and weeks, sometimes in the regular hospital, and then you’d go home. There wasn’t this in between time where they actually worked with you. And now the world is change where you’re not in the regular hospital for very long, but you usually it’s kind of a midpoint where your stable. Now you just need to recover and you may not necessarily mean that it’s permanent, it’s just a what we call a respice care. Sometimes you need therapy a little bit more intensive and I think that’s one of the great things that, you know, skilled care facilities like what you guys do offer so many types of therapies that can help seniors get back to normal again quicker, which is important. So and obviously you guys do a lot of really amazing types of programs and in with seniors and and tell us a little bit about what makes your community unique, Scott. Well, the overall characteristic of warm beach is a welcoming, loving place. MMM be at the residence or the staff. We’re all together in a place where, particularly for our skill nursing and Rehab is all about the rehabilitation not only to the physicality but also to the spirit and the soul, whereby we always look to help everyone in their point of reference of what their need, but also those families that might need a little bit of handholding through that. Course. It’s can be an emotional time, for sure. Yeah, I know when my mother fell and broke her pelvis, perfect example, I’m she couldn’t put any pressure on her you know, while she was healing for like two and a half months or six weeks or whatever. It was. I don’t remember the time, but to have her in a place that I knew she was well taken care of, but I didn’t know anything. It had just happened. A lot of times families are in crisis. You know, maybe Dad’s had a heart attack or a stroke or something like that, and you’re trying to get their faculties back. But there’s that element, I know, of fear, like you said, of making sure that families know that they’re they’re in the right place, you know that mom or dad or they’re loved one is there and being taken care of. Well, they couldn’t choose a better place on warm beach. That’s awesome. So you guys have like a special program. It’s called Warm Beach Cares, and tell me a little bit about that. Well, this is a new program that’s established with Camano Island and what we’ve done is to reach out to the communal island fire paramedic. We also reached out to the Camino Center, who has a really wonderful program that does volunteer driving for those who need pick up and delivery and return. Oh that’s awesome, from volunteers that take them to medical points and huge and the paramedics are the of course, the first responders, and I’ve had discovered through the course of an event that I had had whereby the paramedic was sharing what the audience that his calls one calls mostly, I would say, you know, a good portion of them are fall from right. This of people that are read falling from time to time right and there I file fall risk, as we say. Yeah, and a visual forrest. When I heard that, I thought of the Volunteer Driving Program and then I thought of our Rehab. So if we could mesh this together, then all what would happen is this person would be and we’re looking to help those who are vulnerable, those that are isolated, and bring them services, not only for the Rehab but also from island senior resources, who is the first level of contact, and if they find that that person is a good candidate for the Rehab Program then they’ll go into that and from that they’ll discover that they may need, know their services, meals and wheels or other right service, and they’ll provide them. Well. You know, that’s so important and I want to reintroduce you again. We are talking again to Scott Ernst and Scott, you are the community outreach director of warm beach and it sounds like you’ve done some amazing things for the community. Tell us about where you’re located in what areas you served? We serve the creators, nor snohomish and scheduled counties. We’re located in Stanwood, Washington, hmmm, over by where everybody knows is the Warm Beach Lights. Were right adjacent to that. Well, you know, I agree up in Skatget County, so I’m a skadget county girl, so that’s like my back door. So that’s really good. So you know the fact that you have this amazing program. I can imagine how awesome it is for families to just know that there’s that touch point. You know, if I’m a son or daughter of a loved one that’s a might be at full risk, it’s like to be able to have that kind of a community to come and pick them up, to take them places, to do whatever they need. That takes a huge amount of stress off. And talk about community, to coming together. That’s so valuable. When we started this program it was amazing to see how the Communo, Fire Department, the center, the island, we all came together so quickly and so passionately because all of us that’s the greater good, is to help those who are needing help right, but seemingly find themselves isolated or just needing some help. Had to had to ascertain and then, obviously, how do you coordinate this together? I mean do they call a central number? What happens? We found out that the greatest way to do this is to minimize the amount of touch calls to that person. Good Point. So what we’ve done is we put up I land resource nurse. Her name is Mary Neil and she’s out of the COMANO center. So the paramedic from the fire department will see someone who is a good candidate for this program and say, may we have someone contact you? Mary then outreaches, sets an appointment, sees that need, if on, probably professionally assesses them correct with her expertise, right and then against, you know, also provides services that go maybe beyond what the Rehab might need, like I was saying earlier on about meals on wheels or something amazing. So this ties together all of our missions statements and it brings about great care for the person, loving care and, like you said, that she’s going to be cared for from the time she’s picked up to the time she gets her evaluation, assessment to return. That’s awesome. And then as you’re as you’re taking care of this, I’m sure. Now how is this program funded? Do you do you have a special funding or is it kind of a collaborative or it’s a collaborative after it’s there’s really no cost to start this program because all of us are doing what I’ve been sharing. But now we’re bringing all of us to bear on a focal point to this person who is in, like I said, repetition of falls, and that way we can reduce ste remittance, we can refuse the calls a one one, which frees up the fire department. Yeah, and bring quality of life to that person much greater than just being taken to there get checked or get taken to a, you know, a clinic and just be in a cycle. Well, you’re amazing and you thought all this up on your own. Are you kind of coordinated all this on tick by yourself? For the most part, came to light within that description of that event that I spoke of. Your amazing. Well, amazing. I give God the glory, because it was through that that all of us had a light that turned on above all of us once I started talking. And again it’s just a wonderful outpouring from the entities. Like I said, the Penal Fire Department is lends. You rememberise sources and Camano Center. They too, along with warm beach. We all care. That is awesome. And you guys, I know your faith based community, but tell us a little bit about like how large is your community and you know your specific can we are a life plan community, so that’s what it was established in sixty seven. So we’re about fifty plus and it’s really in regards to aging in place, so they could come in. We have those of village apartments, we have manufactured home homes that they can rece we have almost like what’s called, you know, like a town house. Then we have beach wood, which is our independent living and we have our seater court building that’s called for assistant living, and then we have our healthcare center. Awesome, awesome. So, Scott, I am so glad you came here and talked about all the things that you guys are doing in your community. It’s just amazing. So how do we reach you? Please do you can get on the website at www dot warren beach dot org. HMM, you can ascertain any part of our community from that. You can reach me by my email, s Ernst at Warren Beach Dotorg, or you can call me at three and six zero nine, six five zero four. Well, I’m so glad you came to the to the show today, and also thank you for all you do for care partners, because I know that Kelly wouldn’t have you on if you were a great partner for them as well. Well. We always send our referrals for memory care to care partners. They’re great community partner. Okay, great, well, thanks again for being here. Thank you pleasure. The preceding podcast was provided by care partners living and answers for elders radio. To contact care partners living, go to care partners livingcom


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Originally published June 29, 2019

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