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The Benefits Of Exercising With Music

As we already know, exercising on a regular basis brings many benefits but sometimes we need that extra push to get us motivated to workout. Music is a great way to add energy back into our exercise routines because it makes us feel energized and motivated. Listening to some of our favorite music stimulates our brain and can help us focus on the task of working all out while having fun!

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in coaching clients of all ages and how music played an important role during her classes.

2). How pairing different types of music (slow, fast) to match your workouts can help motivate you and add energy to your routines.


3). Some of the different types of music that her clients (of all ages) enjoyed listening to and what motivated them.

4). How tempos of different styles of music can affect you and why it’s important to pick the right kind of music that keeps you going.

5). How to go about finding the right music that motivates you the most on a regular basis to help maximize your workout routine’s effectiveness.


Originally published July 26, 2022

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