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10 Popular Boomer Housing Trends to Watch

Did you know that over 46 million Boomers account for today’s homeowners? As Boomers age, their housing preferences may change. From downsizing to moving into retirement communities, there are countless ways that Boomers are choosing to embrace housing. Here are the top TEN popular Boomer housing trends to watch!


1. Seasonal homes.

Quite a few Baby Boomers have seasonal homes in resort locations. Most choose to live in such a home for two to six months before returning to their primary residence elsewhere. Some Boomers may own their seasonal home, while others are short-term rentals. Most snowbirds migrate to Florida during the winter months. Others may make California or Arizona their temporary home. Whatever the case, many Boomers are embracing this housing trend!

2. One-level living. 

One-level living is exactly what the name implies: a housing trend that centers around one-story homes. Ranch homes may be among the most popular styles. Of course, Boomers may also wish to purchase a cottage or bungalow-style home, as well!


3. Enclosed sunrooms.

If you have health or mobility issues, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t get to commune with nature as often as you used to. That’s where an enclosed sunroom comes in! Sunrooms allow Boomers to enjoy themselves without actually being out in the elements. Some homes come with sunrooms, but many Boomers may have to actually add one to their house. If you have a splintery old deck that you rarely ever use, consider converting it into a sunroom!

4. Moving closer to their children, grandchildren, or siblings.

Did you know that 25 percent of Baby Boomers are moving to be closer to their family? And it’s no wonder! Family is important. Certainly, technology has made it easier to keep in touch with relatives who live elsewhere, but there’s no substitute for seeing each other in person.

5. Settling in 55+ communities.

community group

A lot of Boomers love living in a 55+ community. Many of these communities cater to an active lifestyle by offering pickleball, tennis, softball, and more sports. Many also offer resort-style amenities. Plus, it’s an easy way to make friends!

6. Upsizing.

In the past, many retirees chose to downsize to smaller homes. After all, taking care of a house with only one story, rather than two, is significantly less stressful. However, according to recent statistics, 22 percent of adults over 50 are actually looking to move into bigger homes (according to a Del Webb survey). In other words, upsizing may be the new downsizing!


7. A smaller yard.

There are three constants in life: morning, night, and mowing grass. If left untended, grass will keep growing and growing. However, many Boomers may not wish to keep mowing their lawn in retirement. The solution? Move to a home with a smaller yard! Of course, some Boomers may also choose to pay for landscaping.

8. Redecorating.

Out with the old, in with the new! Some Boomers may not wish to downsize, upsize, or move from their current home. A lot strike a happy medium by redecorating their existing home. While some may have a little Joanna Gaines in them and choose to renovate their own home, others may hire a professional decorator.

9. Adding features that make it possible to age-in-place safety.

senior couple outside of house

Over 80 percent of adults over 65 want to age-in-place within the comfort of their homes. However, some older adults’ current living situations may not allow for a safe aging in place experience. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about that—make your house safer! Simple additions, like grab bars in the bathroom or a walk-in tub instead of that old cast-iron monstrosity, can make your aging in place dreams a reality.

10. Adding a home office.

According to statistics, one-fifth of older adults are working past retirement age. As such, many Boomers may wish to add a home office to allow a quiet, dedicated space for them to work! This is especially useful for those of us Boomers who work from home. Whether you’re working in your twilight years out of love for your job or necessity, a home office can be a net positive for your living space.

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Originally published October 17, 2023


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