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Aging In Place Safety: 5 Facts About Grab Bars

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury for adults ages 65 and older? One proactive step toward safer aging-in-place is home modification. But, don’t worry – that doesn’t have to mean big bucks and knocking down walls. Honest! Fall prevention can be easier than you think.


OK, so where do I start?

Answer: grab bars.

grab bar in bathroom

Grab bars enable a person to maintain balance while standing. They also offer some assistance with mobility and can be especially useful when placed in areas of transfer (like home entryways, showers, or bedrooms). Grab bars can be installed almost anywhere throughout your home. So, let’s talk placement. Here are our 5 favorite facts about installing grab bars!

1. Vertical grab bars can be useful in places with few stairs.

doorway grab bars

Your front door is a good place to start. Grab bars that are vertically installed on doorframes can help you hold your weight when taking those one or two steps up and over the threshold. Interior doorways are also good locations, as entryways can sometimes be easy to trip over.

We like these versatile Door Frame Grab Rails from Handicare.

2. Use horizontal grab bars in hallways.

handrail up close

If you have limited mobility or strength, consider installing some grab bars in the hallway. Longer distances can be harder to walk, so a handrail to lean on can help. And, don’t worry about sacrificing style for safety! There are plenty of ADA-compliant grab bars and handrails out there that will keep your home’s elegance intact!


We like this Copper Vein Painted Handrail from Lowes, for a sleek, modern look.

3. Diagonal grab bards are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

diagonal grab bars

Diagonally positioned grab bars are for those who are generally able to stand on their own but may need help getting up. Diagonal bars make for an easier transition from sitting to standing. The wall, next to your toilet is a great place for one, as well as near your bedside.

We like this Lenoir Grab Bar we found on It’s ADA-complaint and comes in multiple colors to match your decor!

4. There is more than one toileting support.

toilet grab bars

Did you know that when it comes to sitting down and standing up in the bathroom, you’ve got options? We’ve already mentioned diagonal bars – but, we’re here to tell you to also check out flip bars and safety rails.

This Stainless Steel Flip Bar by Moen flips down to hold onto and flips up when assistance is needed.


And, this Toilet Safety Rail by Medline has an adjustable height!

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5. More seniors are considering kitchen safety, too!

senior safe accessible kitchen

Yep – grab bars have a home in the kitchen as well. Many senior remodeling companies offer convenient bars and rails for all over your kitchen (and they actually look great too!).

Check out what we found out about kitchen remodeling on Senior Home Solutions!

If you’re wondering about senior safety…

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Originally published November 03, 2022

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