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Aging In Place Safety: 5 Facts About Lights

As you age, your vision changes. Some seniors will experience more drastic changes than others. And many will even develop serious eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma. No matter where your physical health needs currently lie, creating a safe environment for aging in place will likely include accounting for some eyesight changes. Did you know that some simple lighting modifications can help reduce fall risks and keep you safe and healthy longer? If you’re a senior or retiree aging in place, consider these 5 facts about lights!

Facts About Lights

1. Natural light can go a long way!

If you have windows, then use them! Open up the curtains and take advantage of natural light. Besides brightening up your home, natural light can also make a room feel bigger. Oh, and sunlight contains vitamin D which is good for your immune system (amongst other things).

2. Nightlights aren’t just for kids!

This fact is for all ages (not just seniors!). Nightlights for hallways and large spaces can reduce your fall risk at nighttime. Do you get out of bed for frequent middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom? Watch your step by lighting the way.


3. Make sure light switches are easy to access.

Consider using remote-controlled lighting and add switches to all room entryways if possible. Rocker light switches are a great recommendation.

4. Use directional task lighting.

Don’t strain your eyes! Get a lamp for the desk you write your grocery list at. Put some modern track lighting directly above your sewing machine. Task lighting with adjustable fixtures can be added just about anywhere in your home.

5. Uniform lighting will be easier on your eyes.

Aim for the same level of brightness throughout your home. Aging eyes can take longer to adjust to the different brightness from one room to another. Try using the same types of lightbulbs everywhere, and keep dimmer switches up.

More On Aging In Place Safety

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Originally published July 11, 2022

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