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6 Ways Boomers Can Defeat Burnout

6 Ways Boomers Can Defeat Burnout

In today’s fast-paced society, burnout is common for most Boomers. Some strive to hang onto jobs that are equal parts mundane and stressful. Others don’t have a job at all. Some Boomers have to postpone their retirement because they lack the funds necessary to retire. Others are dealing with elderly parents, working long hours, and using all the energy they can find just to stay afloat. At an age where Boomers should be slowing down, they have to speed up in order to deal with life. Many don’t even realize they’re experiencing burnout.


What is burnout?

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Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion, caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It saps energy and can even lead to health problems. Stress is usually alleviated after we get our lives together, but burnout is different. Here are some things that might cause it.

Lifestyle changes

Whether you’re going through a divorce or moving to a new home, lifestyle changes can be difficult to bear. Many of these lifestyle changes are accompanied by mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. This can make it even more difficult to shake off the stress.


Too much responsibility

We’re all guilty of saying “yes” to things we should probably say “no” to. Sometimes, this is something innocuous, like an extra slice of cake. However, it can also be something major, like volunteering five days a week or being the full-time caregiver for an elderly parent. Whatever the case, when you have too much on your plate, you’ll feel stressed. Stress, in turn, leads to burnout.

Lack of sleep

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When we’re stressed, it affects our sleep pattern. Of course, the lack of sleep makes us even more stressed, so this can lead to a toxic cycle of anxiety and exhaustion! Sleep deficiency can even lead to serious health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes.

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Lack of purpose

When a person is experiencing burnout, they may be plagued by feelings of hopelessness and lack motivation. Some may wonder if their lives will ever change for the positive. ever be positive changes in their lives. Even people who love their jobs experience burnout. Burnout is especially prominent among nurses, social workers, lawyers, teachers, and retail employees.

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If you’re reading this today, I’ve got good news for you: there is HOPE! That’s right—we Boomers can defeat burnout. Maybe you’re feeling that lack of purpose in your life today. Or maybe you’re wondering if things will ever get better. If you’re in that boat, here’s a list of tips on coping with burnout and rising above.

1. Start each day with a relaxing ritual.

Read the Bible or something inspiring before jumping into your normal morning routine. Take time to meditate. Make a list of all the positives in your life and read it over a cup of herbal tea.

2. Allow your muscles to relax.

Perform stretches. Listen to relaxing music. Take time to pamper yourself. You are worth it.

3. Learn to say no.

Set boundaries. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Pace yourself. Recognize that you’re special and treat yourself accordingly.

4. Nourish your creative side.

Do something new and fun. Try your hand at writing a story or painting beautiful scenery. Bake cupcakes. Do a sketch. Perform at least one activity that has nothing to do with work. You are important.


5. Slow down.

Rome was not built in a day. Do not isolate. Surround yourself with kind, understanding, caring people. Share your feelings with a trusted person. Look at your goals. Are they realistic? Are you neglecting something that is important to you and makes you happy?

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6. Take a break! 

Turn off the computer, ignore your texts phone, and soak in the quiet. Smell the fresh air. Listen to the birds sing. Admire nature. Be free!

6 Ways Boomers Can Defeat Burnout

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Originally published October 09, 2023


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