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7 People to Remember During the Holidays

This time of year, we hustle and bustle, preparing for get-togethers and family parties. We run errands and hop from mall to mall.


It’s Christmas time. We’re busy.

But – as busy as we may be, there are others who, dare I say, might be even busier.


While we’re busy wrapping gifts, making hot chocolate, and lighting a fire, they’re still at work.

Many doing jobs that make our lives easier…

Many doing jobs that make it possible for us to enjoy the holidays…

This holiday season, here’s a simple list that comes with a simple request. All you need to do is thank someone. Thank one of these 7 people who work hard year-round and work even harder during Christmas, Hannauka, and New Year.

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1. Janitorial Staff

Most of us have visited malls during the last few weeks. Aren’t the holiday decorations beautiful? The floors are always shining with a fresh glaze of wax that reflects the lights. The janitorial staff does all of that – and more! They clean, decorate, pick up garbage, and set up risers and stages for special Christmas productions. Janitors work early hours before the mall even opens, all throughout the day, and then long after closing time. Why? To make our shopping experience a pleasurable one!

2. Red Kettle Donation Collectors

On an exceptionally cold day last week, I passed by a woman outside of a store ringing a bell. She was accompanied by the famous red kettle and a sign that read “Salvation Army.” I was freezing, and couldn’t wait to get into the store. But this woman? Well, she had a big smile on her face and cheerfully greeted every person who walked past. Did you know that donations to the red kettle provide gifts to children in need? Also, food, shelter, and other financial assistance for those in need. It’s the Salvation Army’s largest campaign every year and hundreds of people across the country choose to stand outside (many, in very, very chilly and snowy weather) for hours on end, ringing a bell and smiling – all to help others.

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3. Service Industry Workers

Have you ever noticed all of the different hats service industry workers wear during the holidays? Lots of big parties are hosted at restaurants and venues everywhere in December. Your hosts, servers, kitchen staff, and more rush around and cater to every patron with a smile on their face. You need a drink? They get it. You accidently drop a glass? They clean up the mess. Boy, must their feet hurt from the long hours they put in! 

4. Couriers, Postal Workers, and Delivery Drivers

Sure, their job sounds simple. You order; they deliver. But, consider this: last year, Americans shipped 50 million packages through the U.S. Postal Service. And Amazon? That number is in the billions. To say the month of December is ‘busy season’ for these workers is an enormous understatement!

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5. Police, Firefighters, & Security Workers

Last I checked, crime and fires still happen, even during the holidays. While their families are at home and asleep, awaiting Santa’s arrival, policemen are on patrol. Firefighters and security guards are working the night shift. Each is ready in a split second to respond when that call for help comes in. These workers keep us safe so we can enjoy our holidays.

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6. Volunteers

There are many volunteers from churches and other organizations that pass out candy, fruit baskets, food, and toys during the holiday season. Volunteers don’t get paid to do this. They do it because they care. They care so much that they take time away from their own families and traditions to help those in need fulfill their holiday wishes.

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7. Healthcare Workers

Whether they’re at a hospital or in an assisted living facility, healthcare workers everywhere work double shifts and wear many different hats. Sometimes, one person is doing the job of three so that others can be with family. Sometimes, they give up their own personal time to be with patients who need a little extra time and care.

Say, “Thank You!”

If you come in contact with any of these special people this holiday season, I implore you to remember how hard they work every day – and, just say, “thank you!”

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Originally published December 16, 2022


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