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A Boomer’s Guide to Relieving Stress

This morning, I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping at 4:30 a.m. It’s Thursday on the calendar, but Monday for me. This is the day that I begin my work week. I started my morning by reading some blogs while I drank my coffee. Some people wrote about exercising and healthy eating habits. Others wrote about how difficult it is to save money for retirement. There was one funny story about things a woman found while digging in her garden. All of the stories were a welcome distraction, as I have been feeling the stress of everyday life lately.


I had a grandchild born this week. But, she’s over 1,000 miles away in Florida. My heart says to forget my job, catch a plane, and just GO. My bank account warns otherwise.

I am grateful to have a job but, to be honest, I would rather be in Florida holding my new grandchild and sitting at my daughter’s bedside. New life and sunshine sound better than going to work today.


How to Relieve My Stress

Even though there are many of us Boomers and seniors in different situations, I’m sure we can all agree that stress is no fun. I’m feeling a bittersweet pang of pride coupled with guilt in my heart, all while gearing up for my day of work. I’m practical enough to know that I must find a way to go on with my day and kick my stress to the curb. Here are some stress relievers I’m going to practice today. Maybe they can help you too.

I won’t overdo it.

I will do what I have to – whatever is put in front of me. But, I will take it easy. I won’t overdo it.

Stay positive.

I will keep a positive attitude. I will look for the good things around me. Maybe I’ll make a list of all the things I love about my job. Maybe I’ll take some time to write down a poem for my new grandchild and mail it in a card.

Stay responsible.

I will continue to be responsible and remember that life isn’t always going to be the way I’d like it to be. But, I am not alone in that respect.


I will rest when I get tired.

I will rest when I get tired and care for myself when I need it.

I will be grateful.

I have been blessed in so many ways. Just because I am feeling stressed, it does not mean that the good things have gone away. I will be grateful for what I have.

My emotions are not in charge.

I will listen to my feelings, but not let my emotions get the best of me.

Keep on keeping on.

I will take time to smile and give encouragement to others. I will keep on keeping on because each day is new and I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Whatever happens today, I will trust that it is happening for a reason and for a purpose. On the days that I can, I will strive to do my best and be empowered by knowing that is good enough!

How to Relieve Your Stress

grandfather and newborn baby relieving stress

Hang in there, Boomers. We are just experiencing life on life’s terms and it is part of our journey. Yes, we may get tired but enjoy the days. Keep a positive attitude.


As for me, I am going to start planning and working toward a short visit to see my new grandchild. I might not be there today but I am there in my heart.

Remember, when in the Boomer stress circuit overload, this too shall pass and you can always find something to love or be grateful for if you try.

Originally published October 18, 2023


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