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Best Travel Resources for Baby Boomers

I travel a lot;
I hate having my life disrupted by routine.

Baby Boomer Travel is at the top of the list of activities people 50+ look forward to. Looking for a special once-in-a-lifetime trip? Want to travel more regularly and to far-away destinations? Here are our recommendations for cruises, tours, and vacations for our fellow Boomers!


Boomer Cruises

multiple cruise ships

Cruising is one of the best bargains around and Boomers know it!

We recommend a 15-day Hawaiian cruise from LA, the Baltic Sea cruise from Copenhagen, Denmark, and of course, the best cruise you will ever take, the cruise to Alaska!


If you’re looking for relaxation, try a Caribbean cruise.

For the best rates, try the shoulder season between peak and off-peak. Also, avoid any time kids are on vacation. Some folks like the last-minute cruise deals you can get in the last 3 days before departure. A helpful site to find deals is

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Best Cruise Lines to Try

Holland America Line – One of our favorite cruise lines.
Known for its older passengers and comfortable atmosphere. Very relaxing. Quality feel.


Princess Cruises – A little younger crowd than Holland America, but fun life on the ship. Excellent for active Boomers.

Celebrity Cruises – A higher-end cruise line with good ratings.

River Cruises are the latest trend. Different than ocean cruises, more relaxed, smaller ships, and shops in the center of towns for easy site seeing. Eupore’s Rhine, Main, Danube, and Russia are favorites. Viking River Cruises is the place to go.

A cruise ship can be the destination – Another country isn’t always about the destination. Sometimes, getting there is more than half the fun. Just ask the 13 million people who vacationed on a cruise ship last year.

Boomer Vacations

snorkeling couple under water

Try, a vacation rental site. It’s one of our favorites!


These are some of the best Boomer vacation spots.

National Parks – Some of the best Boomer travel vacations are to our wonderful National Parks. Here are two of our favorites:

  • Jackson Hole, WY – This place is great. Teton mountains frame the western town of Jackson. Wildlife all around. Yellowstone Nation Park is an easy day trip away. Stay in a cabin at Cowboy Village right in Jackson.
  • Alaska – Fly or cruise to Anchorage. Spend a day in Anchorage then take the train up to Denali National Park. It will be a great train trip with plenty of scenery including wildlife. When you get to Denali be sure to see this view:
national parks
Denali National Park, AlaskaBooth Bay HarborMaine – is the soul of the Maine coast. Explore quiet coves, rocky shores, meandering country roads, and beautiful lighthouses. c/o Robert Fowler

Keenland, KY – Every April and October – Thoroughbred Racing. Go for a 3 to 4-day trip and enjoy!

Destin, FL – very relaxing. Recently picked as the “#1 Beach in America” by USA Today readers, Destin is part of a 24-mile stretch of silky white sand beach in Northwest Florida known as the Emerald Coast. Go deep-sea fishing for sure!

New York City is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Affordable Travel Clubs for Boomers

sunbathing boomers

Evergreen Club – With the Evergreen Club, you can experience delightful hospitality in members’ private homes for less than $25 per couple, per day. Enjoy a restful stay in your host’s guest room, a tasty breakfast, friendly conversation, and sightseeing tips. More often than not, you’ll leave with new and lasting friendships.

The Affordable Travel Club – A hospitality exchange club for people over 40. With over 2,400 host locations (49 states and 50 countries), there is a wide assortment of homes both in atmosphere and location: urban, suburban, rural, and resort.  It is a home away from home experience, only better, since you don’t have to cook breakfast!

Boomer Travel Around the World

two Boomers deciding where to travel

Vacations Abroad – Boomers are looking for memorable experiences and more are traveling outside the country to get them. Find a comfortable and economical place to stay in an exotic location, in a big city or small town. Time for some adventure!


Here are some of our favorite destinations abroad!

Nova Scotia, Canada – take the ferry over from Maine and drive around for a week. Watch the high tides at the Bay of Fundy, eat some scallops, explore Peggy’s Cove, and take a whale-watching trip.
Ireland – There is a reason it is so popular now. Experience Ireland
culture, history, nature and scenery, and cities.

Copenhagen Denmark – Delightful city to visit. You can walk everywhere. SAS Raddison Hotel is where a lot of cruise passages stay over.

Boomers on vacation in Aruba!
Boomers on vacation in Aruba! c/o Robert Fowler

Aruba – try the Westin for seven nights! We stayed there twice and loved it. Beautiful pool, tiki bar, and cafe on the beach; all within a safe walking distance of some nice restaurants.

Best Boomer Travel Sites

retirement travel couple

Here are our favorite sites to visit when planning a vacation.

International Living is the place to go for any and all information on traveling and relocating abroad!

Velvet Escape is an independent source of travel inspiration providing travel advice and tips. Be sure to check out their blog.

Costco Travel has vacation packages to top destinations at quality hotels at great prices. We purchased the Aruba Radisson Hotel week’s vacation package at a great price on this site!


Cruise Critic gives honest reviews and shows you all the best current deals. is where we book all of our cruises! gives free travel alerts.

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Originally published September 11, 2023


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