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How to Find Senior Rooms for Rent

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By 2030, every member of the Baby Boomer generation will have celebrated their 65th birthday. And, with this generation rapidly entering their golden years, there’s a growing demand for affordable (and comfortable!) senior living options. In response to this, an innovative solution is gaining momentum: senior roommates.


Now, the concept of home sharing among seniors isn’t just a whimsical idea from a sitcom (although, yes – if you immediately thought Golden Girls, you’re in the majority). It is, in fact, a real-world solution that can address financial, social, and practical living considerations.

Would you consider opening your home to a new adventure with a roommate?


Whether you’re looking for convenience, community, or simply a change of scenery, finding the right room for rent can be easier than you may think. Here’s everything you need to know.

Understanding Senior Renters’ Needs

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As we age, our needs in a living space tend to change. Proximity to healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and social amenities becomes increasingly valuable. Not to mention, the actual home environment should prioritize accessibility – think no-step entries, grip-friendly door handles, and safety bars in bathrooms.

Researching Senior Rooms for Rent


The internet is a treasure trove for researching housing options. Platforms like, Over60Homeshare, and cater explicitly to senior shared housing needs, offering listings that highlight accessibility features and community aspects.

Don’t overlook local senior centers and housing agencies that may have leads on available rooms in well-suited neighborhoods or even offer roommate-matching services tailored to seniors.


Networking and Community Living

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Embracing community living can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of senior rentals. By joining organizations and attending events, you open the door to meeting potential roommates who share your interests and lifestyle preferences.

Personal connections can often lead to the most compatible living situations. So, don’t hesitate to tap into your existing community network or venture out to make new acquaintances who might be seeking a roommate just like you.

How to Find Senior Rooms for Rent

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Define Your Needs and Preferences

Begin by assessing your needs and preferences. Identify the type of living arrangement that suits you best. Are you looking for an independent living apartment? A condo? Are you good with a large house, just so long as your new roommate helps with the chores? By staying honest with yourself and assessing these factors, you’ll have a clearer picture of what kind of living arrangement will suit your current and future needs.

Utilize Referrals

Several online directories specialize in senior roommate matching and shared housing. These websites allow you to create a profile, search for roommates by location and criteria, communicate with potential matches, and track your agreements.

Of course, you could always work out a room for rent with a close friend. Or, maybe an acquaintance from church? Have friends and family help spread the word that you’re looking for someone to split rent with. Word-of-mouth can go a long way!


Home Share Agreements

After selecting potential housemates, schedule interviews and home visits. Use these meetings to evaluate whether your personalities and living habits match. Be transparent about all of your expectations and discuss household responsibilities, how costs will be shared, and any specific rules you’d like to establish. Clear communication now can prevent issues later.


Budgeting is another consideration for senior renters. It’s important to find a space that not only meets your physical needs but aligns with your financial situation. Keep in mind additional costs that may arise, such as renter’s insurance or potential care services.

More Help with Home Sharing

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If you’re looking for shared housing for seniors, then start here!

Originally published February 06, 2024


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