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What Veterans Need to Know About Medicare Enrollment

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Join Toni King in this SUPER informative episode all about Medicare questions from American veterans. This episode addresses the complex issues veterans face with Medicare, especially those who have not enrolled in Part B and face penalties. Listen in as Toni provides valuable insights and practical advice for veterans navigating their healthcare options.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Question from a listener about her husband (a Vietnam veteran) and his unique Medicare situation. The problem: This vet never enrolled in Part B and is now facing penalties.
  • Explanation of the Part B enrollment penalty for veterans
  • Importance of enrolling in Medicare Part B at age 65
  • Alternative solutions and recommendations for vets enrolling in healthcare plans
  • Utilizing VA benefits and new VA rules for outside doctors
  • Importance of having Part B for additional healthcare options
  • Medicare supplements and Advantage plans explained
  • Six-month window for getting a Medicare supplement without health questions
  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans for Veterans
2024 Medicare Guide for Veterans

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Originally published May 29, 2024


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