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Opening Your Own ALF with Carline Cadet Francois

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On this Living to 100 Club podcast, our guest explains the process of starting a residential assisted living facility. Carline Cadet Francois explains the differences between small, residential ALF’s and large commercial ALF’s. With the burgeoning older adult population, and the growing need for congregate housing, our guest shares her experience with ALF’s. This includes the licensing, regulations, and financing process to owning and operating your own facility. Though intimately involved with the regulations in her state, we learn that the procedures are very similar in the rest of the U.S. Understand the required dietary and program steps; hiring, staffing, and credentialing process; buying vs. leasing the property, and many other details. Be sure to join us as we learn the advantages and the challenges of being your own boss as owner/operator of an ALF.


About Guest, Carline Cadet Francois

Carline Cadet Francios is a first-generation Real Estate Investor & ALF Mentor. She empowers individuals to open and operate successful Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs). Her ALF owner and operator expertise guides clients in creating profitable and desirable environments. Through education and hard work, Carline helps others achieve generational wealth and make a positive impact. She is also the author of the book “Money Saving: Step by Step Guide on How to Open an Assisted Living Facility from Start to Finish.” This offers comprehensive insights for aspiring ALF owners.


For Our Listeners

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Originally published September 11, 2023


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