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Consider These Senior Housing Options If Safety Is Your Top Priority

As you or your loved ones age, all kinds of living choices become available. How do you know which is right for you? There are options out there for just about every type of need or preference. These days, you can live your Golden years as simply or actively as you want! In any case, you should be certain that your choice fits you. If safety happens to be your number one senior housing priority, don’t worry! You’ve got options!


From fall prevention to mobility assistance, here are the best senior housing options if safety is your top priority:

Assisted Living


What is assisted living?

Many seniors live active and independent lifestyles but may need some help here and there. Assisted living facilities are the solution to this! Seniors living in these types of homes receive mobility and personal care assistance. Many residents have long-term health issues, so they receive medical assistance as well. Residents enjoy the privacy of their own rooms (or unit).


What does health care look like in assisted living?

LPNs and RNs care for the medical needs of residents. This includes medication management, skilled care, and providing general care associated with minor disabilities or illnesses. Food service staff is available for residents who cannot cook or have dietary restrictions.

24-hour emergency care is always available.

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Is custodial care included in assisted living?

Assisted living facilities will employ personal care assistants (PCAs) for custodial care. This will often include help with grooming, bathing, toileting, and mobility. PCA availability may vary by location.


Does assisted living feature any security system?

Security will usually include front desk staff, cameras, and individual unit/room locks.

What other types of safety measures can be expected?

Extensive use of handrails, guardrails, and grab bars will be throughout the facility. Bathrooms that feature zero-threshold showers are common. Shower chairs are almost always available as well. In private units, a resident can expect kitchen cabinets and counter space to be lower for easy access. Kitchen appliances might even have emergency shut-offs, in the case of an emergency. Accessibility is also key to living comfortably, therefore many facilities will feature ADA-compliant ramps.

Nursing Homes


What is a nursing home?

A nursing home is for seniors who may require custodial and medical care. Residents living in a nursing home usually have a need for constant monitoring. As such, other options like assisted living are not practical.

What does health care look like in a nursing home?

Nursing homes provide structured schedules, meals, and around-the-clock medical treatment. Residents have care plans and receive regular health assessments. The medical staff includes LPNs, RNs, and therapists. Food service staff and dieticians ensure residents enjoy healthy meals.

Is custodial care included in a nursing home?

Nursing homes employ PCAs for custodial care. Residents get assistance with bathing, eating, grooming, and toileting.


Do nursing homes feature security systems?

Security will usually include front desk staff and cameras. Other security may include locked common areas like outdoor gardens or game rooms. This keeps residents with memory-care needs safe.

What other types of safety measures can be expected?

Mobility assistance is widely available. There will be extensive use of handrails, guardrails, and grab bars throughout. You’ll find handicap-accessible bathrooms, wheelchair ramps, and large doorways.

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Retirement Communities

What are retirement communities?

Traditional retirement communities offer 55+ adults an economic housing option for leading active and independent lifestyles. This type of housing is for retirees who do not require constant medical attention and no longer wish to perform regular home maintenance.

What does health care look like in a retirement community?

Communities are located close to hospitals and other emergency services. Residents may privately hire an in-home nurse.

Is custodial care included in a retirement community?

Residents may hire a PCA on their own for help around their house.

Do retirement communities feature security systems?

Retirement communities will usually have gated access. Entry often requires a key card or pin number, and sometimes, security guard clearance. And, as an added bonus, home security systems are usually already installed.

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What other types of safety measures can be expected?

Retirement communities are usually age-restricted to adults who are 55 and older. What could be better than surrounding yourself with friends and neighbors who can look out for one another? Residents who would normally be easy targets for scammers or thieves, find peace of mind in a neighborhood full of peers.

Aging In Place


What is aging in place?

Who says you have to move? Seniors who wish to stay in their own homes will choose to age in place. Aging in place is a great option for those who are in overall good health and do not require assistance with daily life.

What does health care look like when you’re aging in place?

There’s no one solution for home health care. First, consider your personal needs. Maybe you have a minor disability? Are you living with a long-term illness? Second, consider your financial situation. Do you have long-term care insurance that may pay for help? How does your retirement savings look? If you believe your health could benefit from outside help, then hiring home care could be a great idea!

Is custodial care included in aging in place?

Is your home becoming just too much work? If so, asking for help is all you need to do! Hire a PCA or housekeeping service for support. It may even improve your health! If you are unable to drive, a companion could help by grocery shopping and running errands.

What kinds of security systems are typical?

If you don’t already have a home security system or a medical-alert device, it may be a great time to start shopping for one! Did you know many companies will offer senior discounts for home security systems? Oh, and medical-alert devices too!

What other types of safety measures can be expected?

A family member or aging-in-place specialist will be able to help you find all the hardware and gadgets you need for safely staying in your own home. It might even be a good idea to hire a contractor for home modifications.

Choosing the perfect home can be easy with the right knowledge and tools. Visit these resources for a helpful start!

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Originally published September 15, 2022

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