Shared Housing for Seniors and Retirees in Walnut Creek, California

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2185 N. California Blvd, Suite 215
Walnut Creek, California 94596
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About Walnut Creek, California

Walnut Creek, a city located in the state of California (CA), is home to a population of approximately 69,809 people. Walnut Creek boasts a median age of 47.2, with around 34.8% of its residents aged 60 or above. 5.9% of the population identifies as US Veterans. 12.6% of Walnut Creek residents are disabled. The city has an average household income of $129,971, while the unemployment rate stands at 4.9%, and around 5.7% of the population is considered to be living below the poverty level. In terms of housing, the average home value in Walnut Creek is $983,659, with a monthly rent averaging $2,503.

About Shared Housing

Shared housing is when two or more people share a living space for mutual benefit. A head-tenant, the owner or renter of a property, enters into an agreement with a sub-tenant, in which rent or housework is exchanged for room and board.

If you're a senior or retiree living on your own, shared housing could be the ideal option to explore! By sharing a home with fellow community members, you can alleviate financial burdens, enjoy companionship, and focus on living life to the fullest. Discover the benefits of shared housing and how it can enhance your retirement experience.

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