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The 5 Best Fitness Goals You Should Consider


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always the focus of what we are looking to achieve. No matter your fitness level, there is always goals we can work towards to better ourselves.

This week we wanted to share and focus on 5 of the best goals that we feel cover a lot of ground when it comes to living healthy and active. Having goals can help keep you motivated especially on days when you aren’t feeling 100%. Hopefully you’ll agree that these 5 goals can be considered in your daily or weekly workouts.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Meredith personal thoughts on why tracking goals are important even if you start small and build from there. Having something to attain is always good when it comes to staying healthy and living an active lifestyle.

2). How achieving smaller goals over time can help lead to having the motivation not only continue on, but also set more challenging goals as you progress.

3). The benefits of keeping a goal that helps us stay grounded and focused especially when life gets busy and can throw curve balls at you.

4). The importance of keeping good form when you exercise as this can help you avoid injury and sidelining you from staying active.


5). Why understanding that movement in general is healthy for the body, even if that means small amounts of exercise per day or week. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Originally published January 10, 2023

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