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5 Popular Trends Among Baby Boomers

Trends come and go. Bellbottoms are no longer in style. Shag carpeting went the way of the dinosaurs. Cell phones have replaced their landline ancestors. Yes, trends certainly come and go. As a Baby Boomer, I can’t help but notice the current trends among my generation. Here are the top 5 most popular!

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1. Buying a new car.

Boomers love their toys, and cars are no exception. In fact, a study showed that back in 2013, Boomers were buying cars in record numbers! Ten years later, and we’re still trolling the dealerships for a sweet, new ride. Of course, as we grow older, we may go more for substance than flash. Sure, that new Mustang might have a lot of horsepower, but many Boomers are more interested in safety than style. It’s downright amazing what cars can do these days. From Bluetooth speakers to backup cameras to antilock brakes, there’s no end to all the safety features modern cars have!

2. Being more active.

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Baby Boomers are more active than younger generations. Yep, you read that right. In fact, Boomers exercise for an average of 215 minutes a week. The same study reveals that’s 104 more minutes than their Gen Z counterparts! Talk about impressive! We Boomers have a lot of time on our hands after our retire, and we’re using it the right way.


3. Monitoring our health.

Your health is important, especially as you age. Now is the time to start preventative care.  Make sure you’re getting an annual physical and visiting the dentist regularly. Visit health fairs and undergo health screenings. Screenings help find problems early. Many of us are dealing with chronic health conditions that alter our lifestyle, but preventative care can help us stay healthy for longer!

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4. Downsizing and moving.

Almost every Boomer I talk to has already downsized or is in the process of it. This ranges from moving into a smaller home to getting rid of junk they don’t need. Other Boomers are trading suburban city life for rural small towns. Of course, others are choosing active adult communities, as well! The point is, Boomers are realizing that a simple life is often the best life.

5. Traveling more.

Travel while you can is our motto. Now is the best time to check all those locations off your travel bucket list. We have all the free time in the world, and traveling is our new purpose. So many fellow Boomers I know have been bitten by the travel bug. Back-to-back traps that would’ve previously been considered “trips of a lifetime” are taken regularly. There are certainly benefits to growing older, after all!


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Originally published March 06, 2023


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