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Life Lessons Learned From an Unexpected Triple Bypass

Two and a half weeks ago, I started out doing my usual routine at the laundry mat. I’m not incredibly fond of the laundry mat nor am I fond of doing laundry on my day off. Prior to leaving my apartment that day, I had had some chest pain. When I had a second between loads, I put in a quick call to my physician, then continued about my morning. The doctor’s office returned my call almost immediately.


They told me to go straight to the emergency room.

I took my laundry home and then proceeded to the hospital. Within a few short hours, I found myself in the back of an ambulance headed to an intensive care unit. The very next day, I awoke from a triple bypass.

smiling man in hospital bed, Boomer who just finished a triple bypass and learned a lot of life lessons

Now, I’m not here to tell you my medical history and what landed me in this position. That’s a story for another day. I am here to tell you folks that life can throw you some real curveballs when you least expect it.

You can complain, stomp your feet, or even cry. But, there’s no getting around it – you have to deal with the hand you were dealt.

When something unexpected like this happens, it’s so easy to fall into a state of self-pity. “Poor me.”

Or, focus too much on what others aren’t doing for you.


But, you can’t change what others do. And, it’s not their fault you’re in a hospital bed anyhow.

At this point, you can either choose to give up or fight.

I’ve decided to fight.

Everyone has stress. Life is life and it’s not going to quit happening. We all want love and deserve what is good. But, hardships will happen. Sudden illnesses or other unforeseen circumstances.

Take a deep breath.


If I have learned anything from these past few weeks, it is this:

Surround yourself with people who care until the rough times go by. Then surround yourself with those people long after. Laugh a little. Pet your dog. Be grateful for what you have. Look for something positive. Love yourself as you have never had before. Be grateful for those that understand and are there to listen to you.

Hang strong! Be gentle with yourself.

Appreciate those that care and forgive those that do not have a clue.

After all, this is what it takes to stand up tall and show the world what you are really about. This is what it takes to fight.

Be good to yourself. You’ve earned it! You deserve it! If others are stressed, let them have their problem because you have your own right now.

This too shall pass and you will be a better person for dealing with it too!

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Originally published October 14, 2022


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