Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities in Arcadia, California

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About Arcadia, California

Arcadia, a city located in the state of California (CA), is home to a population of approximately 56,181 people. Arcadia boasts a median age of 44.1, with around 26.4% of its residents aged 60 or above. 3.4% of the population identifies as US Veterans. 11.2% of Arcadia residents are disabled. The city has an average household income of $108,214, while the unemployment rate stands at 5.4%, and around 8.9% of the population is considered to be living below the poverty level. In terms of housing, the average home value in Arcadia is $1,306,710, with a monthly rent averaging $1,997.

About Nursing Homes

When it comes to healthcare services for seniors, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are two of the most common options available. A nursing home is a living option for seniors who do not need a hospital but require a higher level of care or medical attention than can be provided at home or in assisted living. Nursing homes provide structured schedules, meals, and around-the-clock medical treatment. Residents have care plans and receive regular health assessments. Nursing homes are regulated at both federal and state levels. A skilled nursing facility (SNF) is a residential establishment for short-term medically necessary services. Residents receive 24-hour care from skilled nursing professionals, usually after a recent injury or illness. Residents may no longer require hospital care but might need medical management and monitoring, rehabilitation, or therapy. SNFs are licensed by the state’s Department of Health Services, but must also meet federal requirements “to receive payment under Medicare or Medicaid programs.”

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