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Should You Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

Should you be screened? It depends on your age and your smoking history. Here’s what you should know.

The Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea

If your spouse is a loud snorer who wakes themself up during sleep, they probably need to be tested for sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder...

How to Replace Important Documents That Are Lost or Missing

Replacing important documents that are destroyed, lost, or stolen is pretty easy once you know where to turn.

Coronavirus Versus Flu: How to Tell the Difference

Flu season is upon us! Here are the differences between coronavirus and flu symptoms.

Do I Need to File a Tax Return This Year?

Whether or not you are required to file a federal income tax return this year will depend on how much you earned last year (in...

Noticing Memory Problems? Here’s What to Do Next

Here are some key warning signs of Alzheimer's to be vigilant of and some resources you can turn to for help.  

Acupuncture: Does It Work and Is It Covered by Medicare?

Many studies have found acupuncture to be very effective in easing pain and can help with a variety of other ailments too. Here’s what you...

Do I Need to Sign Up for Medicare If I’m Still Working?

If you plan to continue working past the age of 65 and have health insurance from your job, here's what you need to know about...

Could You Have Prediabetes?

Prediabetes doesn’t have to mean that you’re destined for full-blown diabetes. Here's what to know!

Tax Breaks for Caregivers of Elderly Parents

There are several tax credits and deductions available to adult children who help look after their aging parents or other relatives. Here's what caregivers need...
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