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17 Resilient Ways to Thrive Through Divorce

Going through a divorce is hard on anyone. It feels like your entire world is falling apart. It can be a painful, confusing, and emotional experience. If you are going through a divorce, know that you are not alone. Here are some ways that you can use to help cope during this difficult time.

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7 Signs You and Your Spouse Need Marriage Counseling

No two marriages look the same. The signs pointing to a need for marriage counseling might look different for different couples. However, some basic signs apply to everyone.

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10 Reasons for Widowed Seniors to Marry Again

What has changed is that God has joined us together as “the love of the rest of our lives.”

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6 Steps to Stop Yourself from Enabling Grown Children

Codependent behaviors begin long before a teen becomes an adult, and they won’t end overnight. But as parents, we need to begin the process as soon as we recognize there is a problem. The good news is, there is help for recovery and change. 

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Can You Go to Heaven if You’re Cremated?

Cremation can be controversial for Christians. Traditionally, many Christians have chosen burial rather than cremation for bodies after death. We believe that human bodies are sacred and should be treated with respect. We may also have concerns about the resurrection of the dead without graves. If you’re grieving a loved one’s death or making funeral plans yourself, you may wonder, “Can you go to heaven if you’re cremated?”

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7 Things to Do If You Think You’re Having a Midlife Crisis

Whether we’ve reached our goals—or we’re still waiting for our ships to come in—life’s stressors, transitions, and surprises often prove too much. And before long, we find ourselves mumbling: “I think I’m having a midlife crisis.”

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Top 99 Best Retirement and Senior Living Resources Near Little Rock

Here are the top 99 resources near Little Rock, Arkansas!

Is This a Midlife Crisis? 10 Signs You Might Not Expect

Everybody told me it would happen when I turned 40. Of course, I thought it would never happen to me. My body started making subtle shifts. First, my hands became dryer. Then I couldn’t see as well up close. Finally, my body held onto weight like it might be stuck in the Amazon with only bugs to eat. Those were all the outward signs.

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3 Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me at Her Life’s End

As she lay dying in a hospital bed, my mom still taught us. Here are three things that I learned from her at the end of her life.

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A Prayer for Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and nurses play a key role in our society and around the world. They help keep communities healthy and are there in some of the most difficult times in life.

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