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4 Tips for Modern Seniors and Happier Aging

Old folks no longer look like old folks back in the day. The elderly are wearing jeans and t-shirts, texting their grandkids, and no longer take retirement sitting down!


There’s a lot to be said about staying active and engaged throughout your retirement. You’ll not only stay healthier and live longer, but you will be able to create an entirely new life and find new happiness doing those things you never had the time for while you were still working a 9 to 5.

Today, you can be both gray and groovy! In fact, society encourages it! Here are 6 tips for happier aging in this day and age


1. Give in order to receive.

There are plenty of ways you can pay it forward, whether by using your skills and experience or by simply sharing yourself and your time. Charities, welfare organizations, and even political causes are always appreciative of an extra pair of helping hands, and you will get back far more in terms of the feel-good factor and a sense of working for something bigger than yourself.

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2. Open your mind.

Learn some new stuff! It may be decades since you last seriously studied or sat for an exam, but the great thing about studying when you are retired is that you don’t have to worry about getting good grades. You are simply learning for personal growth and development, and because a particular subject interests you. What better reasons are there?

Consider taking a course in something unexpected, such as a sculpting class or a guitar course. You can even learn at home! Find out if there is an art school in your area, or go online and be prepared for the wealth of information about anything from flower arranging to learning how to master blues guitar.


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3. Unleash your creativity.

hand using a paint pallet

The routine and structure of corporate life have had a hold on you for a long time; now can be the time to let down your hair and find the artist within you. Kick off your sensible shoes and join a dance group. Express yourself through writing, singing, art, and music.

But, you don’t have to do the dance of the seven veils to connect with your creative side. A fun way to start is to take up scrapbooking – organize your family photos and mementos in an album, and bring some artistic flair to the project. You will be doing three things at once: tidying up your valuable treasures, creating a beautiful object, and giving your loved ones something truly memorable. Creating a beautiful handmade book or illustrated diary can be the next step!

4. Smell the daisies.

tiny red flower between fingers

Something that is truly good for both body and soul is taking a stroll in nature. And when you have spent several hours immersed in cyberspace, this is just what you need. You can find out whether there are walking or hiking groups in your area, or you could arrange to take regular walks with a friend at set times. When you were still working, you would hope for good weather at the weekend; now you can simply make use of a sunny day with no restrictions.

Modern Seniors Can Age Happier Than Ever!


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Originally published October 02, 2023


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