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How To Re-Motivate Yourself Back Into Exercising


his week we’re taking a look at the struggle we all deal with at some point, getting back into exercising after taking some time away.

We all take a break from exercise, whether it’s because our bodies feel like they need a rest, sickness, injury or even just taking a vacation. We all step away from it and sometimes longer than others.


However, this can pose a challenge when it’s time to start exercising again. How do we get ourselves motivated to get back into regular exercise? This can be harder than we think!

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). How re-motivating ourselves back into exercising affects all ages, not just seniors. We all struggle with this sometimes and it is normal to want to “put it off”.

2). Why patience is so important when it comes to returning to exercise and why we can’t always expect to easily jump right int. Your body may take some time to return to where it was.

3). Meredith’s explanation on what happens to the body when we take an extended rest and how to go about easing back into your routines.


4). Some tips from Meredith on how to get back into exercising again not only physically but mentally as well.

5). Ways on planning your return ahead of time to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed which can lead to de-motivation.

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Originally published August 10, 2021


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