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Protecting Your Shoulders


Shoulders are a body part we use everyday but how much do we actually think about them when we exercise or do strenuous work? The shoulder is made up of many muscles, ligaments and bone all working together to give us full range of upper body motion. There is also many chances for injury in this area as well if not looked after correctly.

Our shoulders are key in many of the activities we do from carrying groceries, driving a car, holding a hand railing etc. Making sure we protect our shoulders during our day should be a priority when living an active lifestyle and in general.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Meredith’s initial thoughts on why our shoulders are so important especially while living actively and how injuries can easily occur.

2). How we can go about protecting areas of the shoulder and not just be making the shoulder stronger but by strengthening areas around the shoulder.

3). Meredith breaks down the reasons why she guides you in her exercise videos into moves that help protect the shoulder and some examples of this.

4). Why using a lighter weight for shoulder exercises is important and why the shoulder shouldn’t be treated as a “heavy lifting” area of the body.


5). How we can “re-learn” better ways to protect areas of our body during exercise and still be very active but most importantly, stay safe.

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Originally published November 15, 2022


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